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Found 9 results

  1. Here is a just completed Harrier. I started with a Revell boxing of the Hasegawa Harrier GR7 and decided to build it as a USMC machine form VMA-214. Of course there are a few differences between the two marks, I tried to replicate most of them. I part of an Eduard etch set in the cockpit, a Pavla ejection seat and exhausts and speed break form Quickboost. Decals are from a Wolfpak sheet.
  2. Finally I can post this build. The Eduard Ltd Edition Harrier GR 7 using the Hasegawa moulds and a spot of Eduard´╗┐´╗┐ magic makes this kit one of my all time favourites: and I am honoured the build made it into November's issue of Airfix Model World. Here are a few more pics that didn't make it into the publication..
  3. Hello friends, the engine is completely painted and finished in its support on the transport car. This has been a very entertaining work because of the amount of pieces made to scratch and all the information gathered to make the model as real as possible. https://youtu.be/4pa5DXsmifI Playlist of the entire montage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qH4NLRAHfk4&list=PLR6SGGlMyWrezl_Al_Bc2pkKFYrMp6HXL Greetings and I hope you like it
  4. Hello friends, in this third part all the engine components are finished and painted for later assembly. If you have not seen the other parts here I leave the link: Part 1: https://youtu.be/qH4NLRAHfk4 Part 2: https://youtu.be/P8wTD-OVy2s Greetings and I hope you like them.
  5. Hello friends, in this second part the assembly of the engine is continued, painting of interior parts, manufacture of external components to scratch, realization of pipes and much more. We also continue to move forward with the transport car and the support for the engine. If you have not seen the first part here I leave the link: https://youtu.be/qH4NLRAHfk4 Greetings and I hope you like it
  6. I am in dire need of part #9 which is the right side of the ejection seat (if you were sitting in the seat). My build has ground to a stop. If you have this or even both pieces That would be a BIG help! Be glad to buy or trade if need be. Thank you! Later, Lee
  7. Hi The engine mount of the airplane is shown here. Some improvements have been made to make the model more detailed. The carrier and the transport carriage have been scratched. Some pieces of the box model have been replaced and they have been made to scratch using aluminum to make the motor more real. a greeting https://youtu.be/qH4NLRAHfk4
  8. It`s just about finished, only some final and polishing touches are remaining, and the Harrier should be absolutely ready soon. :) It comes to the Eduard`s Harrier in 1/48 and I finished with the assembly just about a week ago. I do it in conjunction with Mitko and the ready model will be published on Mitko`s blog first (@DNmodels), along with the full assembly and a full build video. :)) Sounds nice, but it`s not ready yet. So check out his blog. And here is the trailer of the build. There are nearly 20 "things" that do something... rotate, turn, open... to make 3 transformable displays out of this model - on the ground/parked mode; one in a VTOL mode; and one flying in the air. It was quite an adventure, but i think that it will turn out into my best model so far. I plan to use oil paints for the first time, with new special brushes, and some semi-gloss lacquer too. It is not finished yet, but I think that I could open the topic in this section. Just a couple of photos from today: They look like a small teaser :P I`ll post updates when the Harrier is ready. Only the decals are done so far. It`s a beautiful Harrier... mm, not my favorite plane, but it`s gut, it`s gut, and this tail with the Lorraine Cross is just magnificent.
  9. Guys, check out my unboxing review of the Harrier for the Mitko`s (DN MODELS) blog. Me and Mitko are trying to build something very extraordinary with this beautiful plane. Only the unboxing review is done so far. The kit turned out really pretty. My knowledge of the Harrier was very sparse, but I advanced quickly. It`s not a US plane - I plan to build the GR.9A version with the big red Lorraine Cross on the tail, but i like it pretty much too. Without WIP, and when is ready there should be a huge extensive WIP overview on the Mitko`s blog, and video, etc. Omg, i`m still quite excited :) Not soon probably, but follow the blog...
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