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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all! I am back to share my latest completed project, the 1/48 Hasegawa F-4G Wild Weasel from the original P4 boxing in 1984. I bought this kit from this site for very cheap, but it was already started though... the forward fuselage was brush painted and the cockpit had been partially painted. the intakes had been glued, then ripped apart apparently... so I had a little extra work to do when I got started. This build was OOB except for the decals. Total build time was about 3.5 weeks. The Decals are Speed Hunter Graphics "SEAD SPECIALISTS" part one, which are printed by Cartograf and are excellent... with one small exception. There is an insert sheet that I do not believe is printed by Cartograf that included the "PN" and the upper fuselage "black lines" (really not sure what to call them). They were a bit trickier to work with than the rest, and the backing color is different. But overall this is a fantastic sheet. It is the first time using Speed Hunter decals and I look forward to doing so again. Here is what I used on this build: Kit: 1/48 Hasegawa F-4G Wild Weasel P4 Decals: Speed Hunter Graphics "SEAD SPECIALISTS" F-4G Wild Weasel Phantoms, Part I Aftermarket: None Paints: Gunze Mr. Surfacer Black 1500 (primer base), Tamiya White Liquid Primer (for pre-shade stippling), Gunze Aqueous H340 Medium Green FS 34102 , H320 Gunship Green FS 34092, and Insignia Red H327 FS 11136 , Tamiya XF-24 Gray, Smoke, and Rubber Black, and Alclad II Gloss Black Primer, Airframe Aluminum, Aluminum, Pale Burnt Metal, Jet Exhaust, and Burnt Iron. Future Gloss coat for decals and Future+Tamiya XF-21 Flat Base 6:1 ratio for final matte coat. MIG Deep Brown for panel washes. On to the pics! I hope you enjoy!
  2. Thinning the herd …. Sold items have been removed. Shipping not included (will ship worldwide). Payment via PayPal to (sent as friends/family only) No trades at this time. Please advise with ship-to zip code with your response. Send inquiries to Please no PM’s 1/48 Kits $55 Alley Cat, Shorts Tucano T.1 "Current RAF" (ACRK 48-03) - Full resin kit $16 Airfix, Spitfire PR.XIX (A05119) $16 Airfix, Westland Lynx AH-7 (A09101) $38 Airfix, Augusta Merlin HC3 (A14101) $20 Classic Airframes, Fairey Battle Trainer (No.429) - Resin $40 Hasegawa, Seaking AEW Mk.2A (09863) $20 Revell, F-15E Strike Eagle (85-5511) $24 Tamiya, F4D-1 Skyray (61055) $18 Tamiya, P-51D “Korean War” Mustang (61044) $18 Tamiya, P-51D “8th AF” Mustang (61040) $45 Trumpeter A-3D-2 Skywarrior (02868) 54MM Kit $20 Fanta-Z, "Ghosts of the Jolly Roger" (FZ 0011) 1/72 Package Deal $20 Airfix, English Canberra PR.9 (A05039) Includes: Model Alliance Canberra PR9 Retirement Scheme (729032) 1/48 Package Deals $28 Academy, Hawker Hunter FGA.9 Includes: Eduard photo-etch (48 233) Aires details set (4130) $50 Hasegawa, Typhoon Mk.1b "No. 137 Squardon" (09379) Includes: Aviaeology, Sharkmouth Typhoon (AOD48003) - 2 sets BarracudaCast, Mainwheel & Tailwheel (BR48043) Ultracast, Typhoon Radiator (48058) Ultracast, Typhoon/Tempest Seats (48072) Ultracast, Typhoon 4-blade Propeller & Spinner (48074) BlackMagic, Typhoon Mk.1b (CEBM48198CS) Squadron, Typhoon Canopy (9510) $26 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.Vb Trop (61035) Includes: KMC Update Set (48-4003) - cockpit/engine 1/72 Decals $10 Caracal Models, Beriev Be-12 "Chaika" (CD72038) 1/48 Decals $5 Berna Decals, Westland Sea King HC-4 Commando (BD 48-15) $9 Cutting Edge, Hunters Part 2 (CED48044) $5 Decals Carpena, RAF Type C1 - 18" - 36" - 54" (48.72) $8 Skymodels, F/RF/TF-104 G &S (48-031) $10 Xtradecal, 25th Anniv of Falklands War 2007, Operation Corporate (X48-058) Includes: All Harrier GR.3 and Sea Harrier FRS.1 on HMS Hermes and HMS Invincible 1/72 Aftermarket $4 Quickboost, A3D-1/A3D-2 Skywarrior, Early Versions Tail Gun Turret (QB 72 205) x2 $2 Black Magic, A3D "Early" Skywarrior" Canopy/Wheel Hub Masks (CEBM72098) 1/48 Aftermarket $8 Eduard Brassin, MiG-29 Exhaust Nozzles (648 044) $6 Wolfpack, K-36DM Late Type Ejection Seat (WP48136) $2 Steel Beach, F-14 Wing Bladders (SBA182) $13 Black Box, F-14D Cockpit (Hasegawa) (48012) $10 Adeco, Mosquito FB.VI Cockpit (MD-AD005) $2 Airwaves, Spitfire Fishtail Exhaust (SC48016) $4 Quickboost, A-4 IDF Skyhawk Exhaust Nozzle (QB 48 247) $3 BarracudaCast, Hawker Typhoon Mainwheels & Tailwheel (BR48043) $2 Cutting Edge, Beaufighter "Hedgehog" Exhausts (CEC48113) $2 True Details, Typhoon or early Tempest Wheel Set (48036) $2 True Details, F-15C/D Wheel Set (48034) $3 Avionics, Lantirn Pod & Pylon (BY48001) $2 Orion Models, F-16A/B/C/D Fuselage Reinforcement Plates (OMV48001) x2 Books $4 Squadron/Signal, F-102A Delta Dagger in Action (1199) $4 Squadron/Signal, MiG-15 Fagot Walk Around (5540) $4 Squadron/Signal, Planes, Names & Dames Vol. III (6068) $3 Squadron/Signal, Fighting Colors, USAF Europe Vol. 2 (6563) ******************************************************************************** Thanks for looking, RonY
  3. Hello My friends, Here is my Hasegawa's F-14D Tomcat with markings for VF-2. Its for an article about weathering on the Naval Jets. Hope you enjoy.
  4. In an interesting twist of fate, as I did not deliberately plan to have this particular video come out on inauguration day it just happened to be the next video in live to be released, we will be looking at a very patriotic Hasegawa A-7D in marking to celebrate the United States Bicentennial in 1/48th scale.
  5. I need your help. I remember a thread about the three different styles of Tomcat main wheels but I cannot locate it despite having searched through all F-14 threads since last fall. Last weekend I tried modifying a set of Tamiya main wheels with half of the white metal hubs from a Hasegawa F-14, but now I have my doubts as to whether or not I used the correct wheel hubs. Can someone help me out here? Thanks in advance, Jens
  6. Fantastic work on this somewhat outdated kit. Love the skin-stressing treatment.
  7. Dad bought me this kit way back in high school, so thought I should break it out. While the forum was down, I started. I haven't decided upon colour schemes yet. The interiors are a bit basic, but otherwise no real problems have been encountered so far. So that's where I am at the moment. More to follow.
  8. Hi all, Just finished this as my #13 in 2016. Hasegawa kit in 1/48 with FCM decal, built OOB with some scratchbuild parts. Hope you all like it.
  9. Hello everybody, I'm currently working on my 1/48 Hasegawa Ki-61 Hien kit, but I managed to loose a left landing gear leg. If anyone has a spare one and would be kind enough to send it to Slovakia (will gladly pay the shipping cost), drop me a message. Thank you, Sarny