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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! After reading a thread referring to Gulf War Pavehawks, I would like to show mine. I really like Desert Storm birds and helos, so I just had to build this one.I finished it around May 2019. It war the 1/48-Italeri kit. I added a few things: -Eduard Big-ED-Set -Eduard Cal.50-Ammo-Belts (Resin) -RB brass gun barrels fort he Cal.50-guns -RessKit resin wheels -Self casted resin IRCM -modificated UH-1 pilots (Plusmodel) -a lot of scratch-built Details inside and outside If you want to know more there is a build-log in a German modelling board. https://modellboard.net/index.php/topic,59362.0.html Let’s start with the interior: And now here are the photos of the finished little diorama. A small airfield scene is shown in 1991, where the Pave Hawks were used in desert camouflage during Operation Desert Storm / Desert Shield. I hope you like my whirlybird. Best regards Olli Edit: I know, the Aircraft Insignia on the Gearbox-cover is upside down...my bad!
  2. Hey everyone, just thought I would put this out there for everyone to enjoy/consider on their next Cobra build. While I was looking over some reviews of the new Kitty Hawk line of helos in 35th scale, I wondered why I didn't see the Mk19 getting some love by the kit makers, so I went searching for more info. Anyway, long story short, the Mk19 is one of my favorite weapons systems I used while in the Army. Firing the ghost round always spooked me, not sure why. Anyway, those who have been blessed to fire the Mk19, know what a joy it is. The soft "ka-chunk" sound it makes and being able to watch the rounds flying to their target in a perfect arc that would make Tom Brady jealous! It is a beautiful weapons system that has leveled more than one line grove in the last two decades of combat. As I was not in the Air Cavalry, being a Scout instead, I did not know whether the air regiments were fitted for action as a door gunner options, so I wanted to investigate. Sadly, I did not find any info on the Mk19's being used in such a way, but what I did find, is even cooler! Apparently back during the Southeast Asian conflict, some Huey Cobras were fitted the M28 turret, which could be configured with two 40mm grenade launchers, or one paired with a 7.62mm minigun. As pictured here: Now that is pretty cool. I would love to see the twin 40's doing a strafing run as some bad guys, who no doubt did not agree with me, but they never got to express their displeasure for obvious reasons! Anyway, I wonder if Floyed Werner has any experience with this configuration and can maybe shed light about its function and capabilities. Does anyone also know whether this turret is an option is any scale? I have not looked around at the AH-1 kits as of now, but plan to do so very soon. Maybe Floyd can get Kitty Hawk to do a new 35th G model, or which ever version actually flew with this configuration. Hope you enjoyed the pictures and my silly commentary, I just have a love for the Mk19, which ran a close second to the top of the hill crew served weapon, the MA-deuce! PS. Got to love that warning on the minigun!
  3. I am pleased to present my project AW129D Mangusta resin and 1/48 scale ... http://s345.photobucket.com/user/SimPlai/slideshow/AW129D
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