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Found 5 results

  1. I decided to start my KH UH-1 today as I received my AM from Eduard this weekend. This will be probably be a rather long build, as I do not get a whole lot of bench time between work and family, and my first grandson being born this past Wednesday night. I will post pictures here, and added to my signature below will be a link to my Flickr album where all the pictures will be available. The idea is to replicate as closely as possible the aircraft my Dad flew in Vietnam, 66-16261, also pictured below in my signature. So, without further ado, here we go! First up are some pictures of the sprues and box and AM. Then there were some pin ejector marks I needed to fill in the seat parts. There are several, but I don't see that these are avoidable, so I'm just going to take the time to fill the ones that could be seen. Its not much of a start today, but I am working night shift last night and tonight so I slept most of the day, then had to put up the model I was working on and clean the bench.
  2. Hi friends, 7 years have passed since the last post on my previous protracted project http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/201224-building-of-mi-24v-hind-135-trumpeter/ Then I put aside my Mi-24 1/35 byTrumpeter into a long box due to lack of information and started UH-1C 1/35 by Academy. From the beginning everything went wrong. I ordered the wrong modification. "Gunship" wanted, ordered "Frog". In this configuration there was neither the necessary rocket launchers, nor miniguns, nor ammunition box. At first I thought about ordering a new model, but decided to work with what i have. And I had: the model itself, a large set of etching from Eduard, and the minigun barrels from the RB model. The assembly began in 2012, then abandoned. I've rebuild this model several times, repainted, broke, made again, painted, and broke again. As a result, I realized that since I was so seriously tuned in to the ideal model, then it is impossible to move away from this path. In the end, what was done: 1. I chose a prototype for a long time, I studied a lot of information. Stopped at the UH-1C 66-15193 nicknamed Miss Mini. There is not enough information on this bird, but I hope enough for my construction. 2. Fully threw the decals out of the box. Shoveled thousands of photos and made a set of my own decals. Made all the technical data that can only be on the UH-1. About 50 groups of technical data. More than 100 decals in total. 3. Fully sawed pilot's and gunner's seats. Approximately 55 scratchbuilded parts and 3 etched parts from Eduard went to each seat. 4. Fully made ammunition boxes and machine gun load systems for minigun M-134. 110 parts only for the ammunition boxes. 5. Fully made a folding bench, which is in the cargo hold above the ammo boxes. 37 details. 6. Modeled and printed in 3d - miniguns gear and mount system of miniguns and rocket launcher XM-21 (M-21). This is a list of what can be seen in this post. I did a lot of things, but I will show you when I finish these elements. Look what i got.
  3. Hello guys, This is my current project, the Academy MRC UH-1C converted to a Salvadorean UH-1M with the toilet bowl as seen in action during the 1980s-90s war in El Salvador. First of all i want to thank Ray(Rotorwash), he provided me the kit for free,(thank you my friend) I am using a lot of aftermarket sets such as the Eduard Big Ed, Fireball Modelworks M158 rocket pods, brass GAU-2 minigun barrells, and a couple of scratch pieces. Heres some in progress pics of the cockpit, and some already painted bits. Hope you all enjoy! Rod.
  4. Now that she is on my hands (Thanks Mr Dave) the Italeri 1/48 UH-1D kit with fireball ASE and PE as all my Hueys she will be like this one on the picture a tireless. hardworking.. machine, Until next update!
  5. I have a few items for sale or trade. Prices are very negotiable. Make me a reasonable offer and I'll probably take it. If you buy it, you pay postage. If we trade, we each pay our own postage. Will ship worldwide. 1/35 Academy: UH-1C Huey "Frog" (BA106) $70 Black Ops Models:AH-6M Rotor conversion from OH-6A $10 1/32 Video Aviation: USAF Wheel Chocks (12043) $5 US Navy MHU-191/M (130932) $15 US Navy Deck Crew (Modern) (120322) $20 Full FS/FT list w/armor, figures, etc. : http://armorama.kitmaker.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=254885&page=1#2161652
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