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Found 5 results

  1. My Mikro-Mir Kalinin K-7 has survived the current vagaries of the international postal services and has finally arrived into my eager hands.... Ordered on-line from the Ukraine from :- https://amarket-model.com/ the kit was packed inside a stout carboard box with the contents cocooned in bubble wrap and although it took a while, it arrived undamaged - excellent service The impressive box art shows what the finished model should look like.... The massive wing is made from hollow fibreglass-resin with a superb glass-like surface finish with a restrained fabric effect - it spans a staggering 74 cm (29inches).... Underside view - with an La-5FN for scale..... The rest of the kit is injection-moulded plastic with excelent engraved detail - these are the vertical rudders.... The corrugated external finish is particularly well done - being very restrained and true to scale ..... I won't show all the sprues here - you can see them on my website :- http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/model_kalinin_k-7.html This sprue has the extremely delicate mouldings of the Scarffe rings and machine guns for the numerous gun turrets.... At 26cm (10.5in) - the tailplane is bigger than a Spitfires wing.... The tires have legible raised lettering........ The cockpit glazing is thin and crystal clear.... Self-adhesive masks are inluded - as is an etched brass fret and simple decal sheet. The instructions are printed on six A4 sheets - folded in half to make a twelve-page 'booklet'....... The centre page is the simple painting and decal placement guide..... This is an excellent new kit from Mikro-Mir and must have cost them a small fortune to create - an expense reflected in the retail price. It is an interesting replica of a bonkers design - and I can't wait to get it started... Ken
  2. Rhapsody in Orange... OR...... "Gentlemen, I give you Orange October"....... Mikro-Mir USS Albacore - modified to an earlier configuration with + shaped rear dive planes and 'standard' propeller... She is painted in an orange primer coat before the application of topside black - as seen here......... Ken
  3. Just finished - the 1/350 scale model of USS Parche (Early)........ from Mikro-Mir... In order to disguise her true role as a 'Spec Ops' boat she was fitted with a 'pretend' trials DSRV.... She had retractable skegs to allow her to sit on the seabed.... My attempt at reproducing the image above - using photos of my models....... Mikro-Mir USS Sturgeon (pretending to be USS Parche as first launched), USS Parche (Early) as kitted by Mikro-Mir and my (incorrect) conversion to Parche's last configuration with the hull extended by 100ft..... Not the easiest of kits - but a welcome new model from Mikro-Mir Ken PS - WIP is here:- http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/312718-uss-parche-early-from-mikro-mir-1350/
  4. Braving the lockdown, my postman Martin has just delivered this new kit from Mikro-Mir Having already built a model of the USS Parche.......... I was going to pass on this new kit - until I realised it represents the pre-stretch early version........ As the boxart shows - the sail is different, she carries a DSRV (as a cover for her covert ops) - and the hull is 100ft shorter..... The shorter hull is is two halves - split horizontally... The only other sprue carries the sail, diving chamber, DSRV and other small parts... The assembly instructions and painting guide is printed on thin A4 paper folded in half... Completing the kit is an etched fret containing the single propeller and DSRV mounting struts plus a small, well printed decal sheet. Another very welcome kit from Mikro-Mir's expanding range of 1/350 scale subs. Nice one MM..... Ken
  5. Another new arrival on the slips - the 1/350 scale injection-moulded kit of USS Growler from Mikro-Mir...... Box art... History and paint guide...... Instructions for the hull....... Regulus I Missile and conning tower..... Final assembly.... Vertically split hull - with excellent engraved detail..... Conning tower, decking and one half of the missile..... Minor parts, missile half, decals and etched-brass..... I already have her sister-boat (USS Grayback) in my collection....... So this new kit from MikroMir should make for an interesting comparison.... Ken
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