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Found 3 results

  1. Dear all, I always wanted to build a Vietnam ear RC-135M So it is no surprise that I have the AMT RC-135 kit in my stash. Unfortunately the Vietnam specific “M” version has some fairings at the rear sides. After a lot of time I found some on Shapeways and ordered them. In my eyes thze shape matches the picture available and the fit is probably much better than some of the kit parts. Here you can find two picture of a test fit: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w2luxs7s477jmh3/IMG_0610_s.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/nkavvo821ejuial/IMG_0612_s.jpg?dl=0 Please note that the parts have just been glued into place without any pressure or sanding to improve fit. Now that I have the parts another problem surfaces. I will need decals! The pictures which I could find show them with and without SAC- milky way. And some other details are also unclear. For example, did they had the crew names painted on? One picture shows a "letter box" above the entrance hatch, but this also could be the emergency procedures instructions. Does anybody know about decals available or could help with further information? Any help is highly appreciated! Many thanks in advance and stay healthy! Wiggi
  2. Gents, I thought I would share the results of a photography trip over to RAF Mildenhall on the 28th which was bright and clear, although bitterly cold all day. Normally I would do the two days that the 48th FW fly at Lakenheath in between Christmas and New Year but this year they closed for the full holiday. Mildenhall was open but I wasn't expecting much to happen, and the Saturday the week before Christmas I went over for a morning and nothing moved in four hours. Expectations were low, but I was pleasantly surprised. Having got there around 9ish I could already hear engines running Southside, which would usually be a 100th tanker, so at least a tanker would taxi out, which was better than my previous trip. I was very surprised when the RC-135W below came down the taxiway, as they usually go out very early before dawn, and even then only once every couple of days. Nowadays they park whatever RC-135s are on TDY on stands that can't be seen from the fence, and I couldn't make out his call sign on the box before he came down so that was a pleasant surprise. ...and rolling, he didn't take a tanker with him so it looked like it was going to be a short one rather one of the 12 hour flights they often do. Coming off opposite end, a resident MC-130J, who wanted to do some radar and visual pattern work, but was frustrated because the Lakenheath radar kept going down, so after some visual circuits gave up and landed. KC-10 arriving from McGuire on the overnight regular US to Mildenhall, to Ramstein, back to Mildenhall and then US weekly run. The main gate and vehicle check building behind is where less than a week before somebody rammed through the gate got onto the airfield and was eventually apprehended down the other end on the Osprey ramp. He was lucky in that he was fired upon but escaped injury. He was sent to psychiatric care according to a friend of mine who works in that field. KC-10 down, this was a little different to the last one I saw land here that was 'bounced' down the runway in a cloud of tire smoke. Never seen a heavy put down like that before. Then I thought I would pop down the other end and see if there was any activity on the Osprey ramp, as sometimes early afternoon they do a quick air test, which they had done the day before. I was driving around the other end when I heard 'Knife 79' taxi to the Alpha ramp. Instant panic so I gunned it down the end of the lane which over looks the ramp and pad, with him already in the hover but managed to catch his departure. 'Knife 79' is their air test call sign so I knew he wouldn't be out long, and he finished with a fast(ish) run across the field and break. I thought that would probably be it, given it wasn't long to dusk when I saw that the RC-135 was inbound over Holland, five hours is a very short flight by their standards. So back down the other end in golden hour and he even put in a circuit which was nice. The 100th ARW have some smart new engine covers but I can't help think that if the move to Germany and closure of Mildenhall does ever go ahead as planned (they keep putting it off, now 2024 apparently), they'll have to get rid of these, although I suspect the unit would be re-designated if it did move to Ramstein. Not bad for a day over Christmas. Gary
  3. Hi guys, I need the help of the ARC-Community. I've recently purchased a second-hand 1/72 AMT RC-135V and plan to convert her into a RC-135E Rivet Amber. While looking for photos of the machine I noticed that the wings are not completely NMF but some areas/panels seem to be painted. I had a look at other machines finished in NMF (mostly C/KC-135B's) and it looks like certain areas were painted in a mid-gray color like: The mid of the wings (I guess were the wing fuel tanks are) The wing-to-body fairing, excluding the wheel doors The leading edge between the fuselage and the inner engine (not always painted) Here are some pictures that illustrate what I mean: Pic1, Pic2, Pic3 Since I could not find any information on this my questions are: Is this really paint or some kind of surface treatment? If it is paint which color is it (Name, FS-Number, ...)? Are the upper wings painted too? On most pics which show the upper wing I could not see any tonal difference. But in this picture it looks painted too. So were the upper surfaces NMF or partially painted too in general? Thanks a lot for your help! Cheers Markus
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