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Found 4 results

  1. With a bit of trepidation, I present my latest. Second complete model since returning to the hobby as an adult. I learned a lot. Some stuff looks great, and other stuff less great. The SLR camera really brings out the blemishes! Those aside, it looks pretty good in-person. Is it right that I only have 100kb to upload pictures? How are so many people able to upload a bunch without being forced to use tiny pictures? Album link since I cant upload much ---> https://imgur.com/a/qEeSU1b Next in production for me is Academy's F-111F with a bunch of resin extras. May I put my new-found knowledge to good use!
  2. Started a small production line of CF188 aircraft. Will be a slow build but I am willing to show some pics along the way of the progress. 4 Kinetic CF188 aircraft Decals - Leading Edge, Kit supplied, Canuck Mask: Flying Leatherneck Decals - FLM48-8 Canopy and wheel set Resin - Neomega (the cockpit sets is not that great), Aries, Attack Sqn, Wolfpack, Northstar, Legend (seats too small), My own Resin Cockpit tub-Fat Pylons-Vert Stabs-Ext tanks (on hold). Photoetch - Eduard, A.M.U.R. Reaver Paint - Mr Color, Gunze, Tamiya, Testors, Alclad, Vallejo Primer (73.601) - not happy with it, Mig White primer (2004), Mr Color Black 1500 as primer Glue - Tamiya Extra Thin, Tamiya Cement, Bob Smith Industries, Mercury Adhesives, Gorilla Misc - Mr Hobby masking liquid, Walthers Solvaset, Mr Mark Softener, Microscale Decal Set+Solution+Krystal Klear+Microflat+Microgloss, Vallejo Plastic putty, Squadron Green putty, 3M red filler. Tools - Waldron Punch and Die set, .1"+ .2"+.3" + .4" drill bits, Side cutters, tweezers, #10 + #15 scalpel blades, Various clamps, home made jigs (paper), various pens, swear words, luck and spousal support. So here goes; it's not a fast ride but your welcome to follow. Hopefully you'll pick up a few things and a I'll learn as well from your feedback.
  3. I was emailed an article from my friend that the RCAF is planning on purchasing some Beechcraft King Air 350ER aircraft. These will be weaponized and that is interesting in itself. I am not sure if there is a kit available in 1/48th though. I think there was a resin one some time ago and I know there are a few in 1/72nd. Maybe this is something that Kinetic would be interested in doing? Anyway if this comes out as a kit one day it will be on my buy list as it will add another subject for my RCAF collection. For the article:https://jgmjgm516.blogspot.com/2018/08/weaponizing-maisr-armed-king-airs-for.html Also see: https://www.tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca/app-acq/amd-dp/air/snac-nfps/renseignement-airborne-eng.html https://www.skiesmag.com/news/king-air-350er-identified-as-solution-for-special-forces-isr/ https://www.cranfieldaerospace.com/products-services/aircraft-modification-products/king-air-weaponising-modifications/
  4. Hey folks! It's been a long time since I've been active in these forums, but now that the academic year has ended, I have a bit more time. I am building the big Kinetic Hawk 100-series model; it will be the Canadian Hawk 115 version for NFTC. I am also using Kinetic's cockpit PE set. I have built one of these models a few years back, for a friend who was the maintenance supervisor in Cold Lake on the Hawk (for Bombardier). He seemed quite happy with his model. I had two of these in my stash, so I am building one now, which I may donate to the Montreal Aviation Museum, and I'll build the other one at a later date to keep for myself. The NFTC Hawk is a personal favourite of mine. I worked as a Test Pilot at simulator manufacturer CAE in Montreal on the NFTC program. We built simulators for 3 Harvard IIs for Moose Jaw, and 2 Hawk simulators (one for Moose Jaw, one for Cold Lake). In Moose Jaw, the Hawk is used for Phase 3; pilots who are selected for fighters or instructing get their wings on the Hawk in Moose Jaw (MJ). After they graduate, those who go on to fighters fly the same Hawk jets in Cold Lake (OD), for the Fighter Lead-In portion of their training. The jets are rotated back and forth between MJ and OD, to even out the fatigue life on them. In MJ, they are flown with the wingtips capped off (i.e. no missile rails), and in both places they fly with centreline fuel tanks. This is the box from my first model (already threw out the cover from the current build): This is the first build I made, for a Cold Lake aircraft with missile rails and captive AIM 9M: ALF
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