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Found 1 result

  1. I'm still wrapping up what I can in the Monogram group build but while I'm at it I'll get this thread started. This one's been in the stash for quite a while. IIRC I got it in a trade with someone looking for the DC-3 release in Eastern Airlines livery, which I happened to have picked up on the cheap with the thought of converting it to a C-47. I built the kit once when I was a kid (some 40 years ago now, I'd guess) and brush painted it OD over light gloss blue. I still have a few of the paratroopers that came with it but the kit itself is long gone, of course: There's not much to it, really. Plenty of big parts but I'll bet nowhere the part count of the Trumpeter kit: So you would think it will go pretty quickly, right? The only aftermarket I picked up for this (so far) is a decal sheet I picked up at a LHS on sale-Eagle Strike's Skytrains At War Pt. IV: It was a fortunate find as one of the nicknames I had for the girlfriend i had at the time was Sugarpuss, and this sheet features one: Sugar Puss participated in Mission Elmira, the glider reinforcement of the 82nd Airborne behind the beachhead on 6 June 1944. It proved to be a particularly hairy mission as the C-47s had to tow their gliders over fully alerted German lines and some 50% of the transports were damaged. However, only a few were lost on the return trip in the channel and it was demoralizing to the Germans to watch unarmed transports reinforce American forces at will. Researching interior colors on my spare time and that seems to be a unique challenge in itself...
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