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Found 9 results

  1. Dear all, An old project ressurected and I would like to ask if you could help me with some research. I need to know the name of the Backseater of an Vietnam era Phantom: The particular aircraft was a F-4E Phantom II, 66-0371, tailcode was JJ. It served in Korat with the 388th TFW, 34th TFS from May 1969 to Feb. 1972. In May 1970 the aircraft was named Arizona Chicken with the appropriate artwork on the intake. The crew names were painted on the canopy rails. The pilot's name was Maj. Roger Long. I already contacted the USAF museum and the USAF archive, I got a lot of help and good information but unfortunately I was unable to find out the correct name. BTW: The Zotz decal sheet as some mistakes and is no appropiate refference. I hope that anyone has further information about the backseaters name. I'm gratefull for any help! Many thanks in advance and best regards Sven
  2. Dear all, actually I'm building a RA-5C Vigilante. My project will resemble a RVAH-11 aircraft, Vietnam War, between October 1971 and June 1972. When the RA-5C entered service it was equipped with an head up display called Projected Display Indicator (PDI). During her career this PDI has been removed by AFC 233. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find out in which time frame these removal has been carried out. Pictures I found were not conclusive. Maybe some has more detailed information and might share them. Many thanks in advance! Look after yourself and all the best Wiggi
  3. Hi all, In a fit of madness I decided to build four 1/48 Phantoms at the same time. Here's the first: Hasegawa's 1/48 F-4E from a 2001 boxing in the kit decals. Paint is Mr Color and applied freehand. The seats and pylons are True Details resin. The engine exhausts are from an Academy F-4. A full description is written up here: https://jonbryon.com/hasegawa-1-48-mcdonnell-douglas-f-4e-phantom-ii/ Comments welcome and thanks for looking. Jon
  4. Dear all, I'm looking out for a proper 1/72 M23 armament system for the UH-1H I know about the SHQ white metal set, while the figures are looking quite appealing, the armament system itself is not really convincing. Does anybody know if there are other options around? MTHX Wiggi
  5. Hi Reedoak made an SPH-4 US Army helicopter pilot helmet (for Huey and others) This helmet was also used in gulf war, and until recently, before replacement by the HGU-56/P. Interior is detailled. Vietnam : left in 1/35, center in 1/48. The one right in 1/35 is post-vietnam with velcro plates on the back. and lost in the inside... cheers Norbert
  6. Hi, We have an active IPMS Special Interest Group - Asian Air Arms - that is devoted to post-1945 Asian military forces. Has a massive website featuring photos and colour schemes of most a/c used by 26 Asian air arms plus 8 post-Soviet Asian air forces (Turkmenistan and all the other -stans, plus Transcaucasia). Book reviews, learned articles, video extracts, members' photos of real a/c plus their models, unique decal sheets covering the region; and Ask the Experts. Have a look at http://www.asianairarms.com and join us - no membership fee required - just your support - and input if you can help improve the site. Brian Griffin SIG Leader http://www.asianairarms.com
  7. Hi all, In late ‘60s USAF introduced twin-powered Cessna O-2A to replace single engine Cessna O-1 (my next project). Testors/Italeri kit is acceptable but almost basic. It needed a lot of improvements that they absorbed me for 6 months and 293 hours of real work. Cockpit with avionics rack and rear junction box is fully self-made (... except for cloches). Continental IO-360 engine is coming by 2 sets of edited Lycoming taken from old Esci Cessna 172 kits to set up a 6 pistons propeller. Firewall bulkhead, front gear bay and plates are made by styrene. Rivets and panels were rescribed for the whole aircraft. Pilot is freely inspired by actor Danny Glover who played the role of Capt. Clark ‘Bird Dog’ in BAT21 movie. The real aircraft is now preserved at National Museum of USAF, Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio. Cheers, Alessandro Rome, Italy
  8. Greetings folks. I have another question for the F-4 experts out there. Sometime in the near future I am looking to do a dual build of a Vietnam era Wild Weasel Hunter Killer team out of Korat RTAFB. For those that don't know, the F-105F/G Wild Weasels typically flew in a 4 ship of two F-105s with a two ship of F-4E's. According to Ed Rasimus in his book Palace Cobra, the F-4's typically carried 4 CBU-52s/SUU-30 canisters. Unfortunately that's about all he says about the weapons load. I've done quite a bit of online research and found some options but I don't know if any are of the "killers". To complicate things, the F-4's at Korat were rotated through each mission so who knows if the photos are of a bomb load or a SAM site killer. Anyway - here's what I've found (pictures are from a google search and not mine, they are posted here for discussion): Both are cool looking load outs, but I have no idea if these are accurate for what I am trying to do. Its the Mk82s. They were not mentioned in the book, my only source of reference here. I also found this one, which is a photo of the hunter/killer team refueling, but I can't really make out the load out at all. If anyone has any thoughts I'm happy to hear them. In the end I would like to be accurate but its not going to make or break the end result. BTW - the book, Palace Cobra is excellent. Mr. Rasimus also wrote the book When Thunder Rolled which is about his time flying F-105s in Vietnam. Both are recommended reads for anyone into that. Thanks for the help guys! Mike
  9. Hi, I'm putting together a wheels-up 1:48 MiG-17 to go with an F-4B in similar configuration Could anyone recommend a suitable after-market pilot figure to man this aircraft ? Keith
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