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Found 10 results

  1. Hello fellow modelers, This project had started from the April, but due to my limited time the progress was very slow and I didn't managed to post earlier. The kit I chose was Eduard's Fw 190 D-9 Late #8189 profi pack. I started assembling the first parts (cockpit, some gun bay parts, gears etc.) and then I continued with the priming. Afterwards I painted the cockpit and cockpits sidewalls with AK true metal silver, I used this layer as a base for the chipping. Then I painted using mostly AK's 3rd gen colors. Unfortunately I didn't have RLM 66 for the cockpit interior so I mixed it using reference pictures, for the mix I used Pale grey and black (1:3 ratio approx.). I painted the cockpit details using a 10/0 brush with 50-50 water diluted paint, I used the photo-edged parts and actual pictures as reference. Ι don't like the "flat photo-edged parts, for some details I cut the decals and I applied them in the correct position. For the weathering I used for the first time AK's waterpencils, I really liked the final result. Also I used Winsor & Newton Wintor and Abteilung oil paints. Currently I have glued the 2 fuselage parts and the wing together. The fitting is not the best but I can fix it with some putty (picture will be uploaded later). I would like to ask if someone has pictures of a similar finished model or actual pictures. Any commend is very useful because I am relatively new in the hobby (This is only fourth kit, I have finished 2 spitfires and I have a F 16 on hold).
  2. Hi guys Here I will post some photos from the Spitfires, I am currently building. I would like to ask for some advice, since these are my first builds (alongside with a F 16). Unfortunately, I don't have photos from the early stages. I used the Spitfires mostly to gain some experience using airbrush. For airbrushing I used a H&S Ultra airbrush, for the PRU schemed airplane I used AK's 3rd gen acrylics, while for the day fighter I used Humbrol Enamels. Both models were primed with Mr Surfacer 1200 and preshaded with black color, for the metallic base I used AK's True Metal Silver. I manage to get a better surface quality using AK acrylics. A lesson that I've learned while painting is that "never chip before masking". I think that both of them look over weathered. For weathering I used some Winsor & Newton and Abteilung Oil paints (Ivory Black for smoke, Raw umber for fuel leaks, Raw umber + dark rust mix for oil leaks, Raw umber + zinc white mix for the dust effect) and AK's paneliner for Grey and Blue camo. For the decals I used Tamiya's Mark Fit Strong and Softener. For the PRU Spitfire I also used the same oil paints but with a much cleaner finish. Currently the F 16 is on hold because I am waiting the shipment of a resin exhaust nozzle, but know I feel more confident to continue the F 16.
  3. Thought I should start this one, as a in-between-other-stuff project. More emphasis will be given to the external surfaces and I will try to stay away from any complex additions etc... So, I begun with adding a few panel lines and creating some stretched metal effect.
  4. Probably been discussed here before but I've been trying to figure a good color match to these. These had to be among the most widely used paints in WWII but it is very hard to find anything out about these. I know that they faded and manufacturers had their own formulas and batches could vary, but you gotta start somewhere. Start with Olive Drab. I've been using Model Master paints for decades. They have MM1711 Olive Drab 34087 and MM2050 Olive Drab ANA 613, same paints? Then they add to that their versions of Faded and such. The period standard for USAAF aircraft paint was ANA. Most references claim ANA 613 as Olive Drab. The confusing part is trying to come up with a good FS equivalent. I have sources stating 34087, 34084 and 34064. This one isn't so hard. Model Master Olive Drab looks like what I think olive drab looks like. Now Neutral Gray is another story. First the references I have don't even mention an ANA # for neutral gray. FS references are all over the chart...36173, 36118, 36231 etc. And WWII Neutral Gray is not to be confused with modern USAF Neutral Gray FS36270. I guess the short question is, what do you guys use for Neutral Gray? I have just started to switch over to acrylics and I have found Mission Models paints to work very nice. I was surprised how well an acrylic metallic paint could look. I am still adjusting to these. Again, they do not list anything like a WWII neutral gray. The closest I can find is a British Grey, Ocean gray or something. I don't have it in front of me. Thanks for any help or opinions.
  5. 1/48 Aires Ju-88 A-4 Cockpit Detail Set (#4052) $22. Feel free to make an offer as well. - Shipping is not included (USPS insured), PayPal only. Will ship worldwide from 09624 (DPO). If you have questions or concerns, please email me before the sale. - I am happy to ship worldwide, but shipping outside of the United States is at your risk (any damage, customs fees, etc., are your responsibility).
  6. Thanks for looking. And please feel free to make an offer, the worst I will say is, “No, thanks.” Sales only, I am not looking for trades. Please respond via email, I rarely read PMs. Email is: cjhamilton AT gmail (you know the rest). Cheers! CJH KITS & DETAIL SET 1/350 Bronco Models USS Independence – LCS-2 $17 Open box, sealed parts Dragon USS Ticonderoga – CG-47 $30 Sealed (cellophane is damaged) Dragon USS Hewitt – DD-966 $28 Sealed 1/72 Huma Messerschmitt Me 609 $14 Open box, sealed parts Huma Messerschmitt Me 209 V5 $12 Open box, sealed parts Huma Focke Wulf Trieblflugl $42 Open box, sealed parts Huma Henschel Hs 132 $11 Open box, sealed parts Huma Junkers Ju 287 Bomber $42 Open box, sealed parts 1/48 Aires Ju-88 A-4 Cockpit Set $22 Sealed AMT MiG-27 Flogger-D $5 Sealed (cellophane damaged) ESCI/ERTL MiG-23 Flogger S $5 Sealed Hobby Craft MiG-27 Flogger-D $5 Sealed, but parts sound loose inside. Hobby Craft MiG-27 Flogger ‘Desert Storm’ $5 Sealed Panda F-35 Lightning II ‘NATO Fighter’ $8 Open box, sealed parts (includes JDAMs) Revell A-6E Intruder $10 Sealed Revell MiG-25 Foxbat $10 Open box, 95% parts on sprues, all present Revell-Germany MiG-25 Foxbat $8 Open box, sealed parts 1/32 Tamiya A6M5 Zero ‘Type 52’ $72 Sealed DECALS 1/72 SuperScale 72-274 Low-viz US insignia in FS 17038, 36495, 36375 & 36237 $2 SuperScale 72-623 Su-25 Frogfoot – Iran, Iraq, Czech and USSR $3 1/48 Caracal Decals CD48025 T-45C Part 3 – Shark mouth $12 Cutting Edge CED48181 F-105 – Fancy Girls Part 3: F-105D & F’s $20 Microscale 48-174 F-86D – 469 FIS & 94 FIS $4 Microscale 48-275 F-105D/F – Virginia ANG 149 TFS $4 SuperScale 48-192 A-4M/TA-4J Skyhawks – VMA-211, 331 and USN Composite Sqd. 13 $4 SuperScale 48-416 A-6E Intruders – VA-85, 115 & VMA-533 & 224 w/ Desert Storm Mission Markings $8 TwoBobs 48-035 AH-1W Cobras – Whiskeys in the Mix $12 TwoBobs 48-039 F-14B – Red Ripper Muthas’ $9 TwoBobs 48-096 F-14B – VF-103 Jolly Rogers Final Tomcat Cruise $12 1/32 CAM Decals 32-004 F-4B Phantom II – VF-32 Swordsmen $8 CAM Decals 32-017 F-4J Phantom II – VF-41 Black Aces $8 Microscale 32-27 F-4J Phantom II’s – VF-31 Felix the Cat & VF-96 Black Falcons $8 SuperScale 32-134 F-16N/TF-16N Data $3 Yellowhammer 32-07 F-4J Phantom II – VF-96 Cunningham/Driscoll Ace Markings $15 The fine print: Shipping is not included (USPS insured), PayPal only. Will ship worldwide from 09624 (DPO). If you have questions or concerns, please email me before the sale. I am happy to ship worldwide, but shipping outside of the United States is at your risk (any damage, customs fees, etc., are your responsibility).
  7. Gun Camera World War II photographs. Use fingers to expand to read article or comments under the photos for their explanation. Some fascinating photographs.Amazing. https://issuu.com/ufobject/docs/gun_camera_world_war_ii_-_photography_from_allied_ HOLMES.
  8. Have these for sale, shipping not included in price. Ships from 84117; Paypal preferred.Verlinden1/48 Luftwaffe Maintenance Corner WWII # 1132 $ 251/48 Luftwaffe WWII 50 Kg Bombs & crates # 1119 $201/32 Luftwaffe Service Area w/etch tools # 2526 $40Thanks!
  9. Hello! Happy to announce the following new releases, only from RESIN2detail, a maker of premium aftermarket resin aircraft accessories, detail sets and conversions. Purchase each set for only $4.99 each! 48137 Set of five (5) U.S. Jerry Cans for your Airfield Diorama – intricately detailed For the beginner through advanced modeler. Not for modelers under the age of 13. Made in USA. Click HERE to purchase! 48138 Set of six (6) assorted USAAF/RAF “Flimsies” for your Airfield Diorama – intricately detailed For the beginner through advanced modeler. Not for modelers under the age of 13. Made in USA. Click HERE to purchase!
  10. I had to take a break from my polystyrene therapy sessions after my wife broke her leg when she was 35 weeks pregnant. It was a bad break and so I had to put everything up and focus on the family. But the baby is here, she is walking on her own again and I have carved out some time for a new project! Since I have a 4 year old and a one month old I thought I would keep it small and simple. So I am going with a simple yet good Tamiya kit. I am using a Yahu P-51 instrument panel and all I can say is wow! Its really good! I am also trying out the Vallejo metallic paints and I would put them right up there with Alclad and so much easier to clean up! And some airbrushed invasion striped. I just used some black and white Stynlrez.
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