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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Just completed the brand new Zouki Mura. F-4J Phantom. The new kit is fantastic and easily the best 1/48 kit produced. While I did intend to do this as a build thread, I did not have the time to build, photograph, and post with all that is going on, so this will be the quickie version showing the cockpit, seats and some construction pictures. First the kit contains detail on par with the 1/32 scale offerings. What is nice is that ZM made the assembly as such to get the detail built and installed hiding seams and allowing for a clean installation. This is evident in the: cockpit sill as it attach to the fuselage halves and offer a full sill for the canopies The top fuselage seam is hidden under 2 panels, the top panel and the canopy rear faring the wing attachment to the fuselage at panel lines int he forward and rear fuselage and the wing leading edge flap made separately and as one piece. The kit has full intakes and engines, and the details of the landing gear, wheels, tires , stores and other components are very nicely done. The instruction booklet is a true booklet with very detailed instructions and notes to assist the builder in the assembly process. I had just under 100 hours into the build over 2 1/2 months. The pictures were taken both with and without a flash and are mixed. I used Furball's decal set along with the kit decals, Eduard Brassin Seats ( I used f-4B seats that fit perfectly), and Master Metal pitot and AOA probes.
  2. HI, Made some Detailed exhausts to replace the plain ones in the Zouki Mura F-4J kit. May work with other kits too. With that said is there any interest out there for these as an accessory? I have never ventured into 1/48 scale, as 1/32 keeps me very busy but these we a necessity for me in building this excellent kit. The kit ones just don't match the detail in the rest of the kit. I made up a bunch of these if anyone is interested. Just PM me if interested with your Pay Pal email and country of delivery if interested. Price $15 per set. US shipping $4.55, International $13.55. Kit exhaust on the left, GT Resin on the right: Just PM me if interested with your Pay Pal email and country of delivery if interested. Price $15 per set. US shipping $4.55, International $13.55 per order, not per set. I can also take credit cards direct if you prefer as we do take them at the model contests and shows that we attend. Thx, Gary GT Resin
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