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SU-27B vs SU-27K (SU-30)

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Try Ken's website, pretty much the definitive flanker resource :thumbsup:

Ken Duffy's Flanker Site

Hope this helps,


Actually, a better link would be to my Su-33 conversion article on Linden Hill's website :-

I did it in 1:72 scale - but you can see what needs to be done Rick.

Also - check out Janmans(?) Su-33 conversion in this forum somewhere - he did it in 1:48 scale.


PS - Just to be pedantic - there is no such thing as a Su-27B - it is a Su-27 'Flanker B' (the ASCC Reporting name) - and the Su-27K is now the Su-33 (not Su-30) - but don't let that put you off ! :rofl:

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Just to summarise - and all this from memory..... :blink:

To change a Su-27 into a Su-33 you need to:-

Add canards,

Increase the wing area - the trailing edge has less forward sweep - and meets the fuselage/fin a bit further back. It also has completely different double-slotted flaps and of course the wing fold.

Add the horizontal tail fold.

Modify and shorten the tailboom - and add an arrestor hook.

Move the Infra Red Search & Track (IRST) ball from the centre of the windscreen to starboard - and make its mounting 'plinth'.

Add the In Flight Refuelling (IFR) probe.

Make a new twin-wheel noseleg

Also - though not so visible - the main legs are 'beefed up' - so are slightly thicker. It doesn't show so much in 1:72 scale, but you might want to incorporate it in 1:48th - the mainlegs also have tie-down lugs.

The cockpit also has some slight changes - again not so prominent.

There are some great walkround photos at :- http://scalemodels.ru/modules/photo/viewcat.php?cid=104

Have fun :blink:


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Also - check out Janmans(?) Su-33 conversion in this forum somewhere - he did it in 1:48 scale.

Well, not exactly mine, Ken. I won't even do in 1/48! :blink:

I remember that build, but don't get the name. Jan the bulder sure was, but don't remember which Jan :blink:



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Geeeezz! so I guess it would be a royal pain to make it on 1/32, I wanted convert the trumpeteer 1/32 into a Navy bird, now I am having second thoughts, lol. Would see, I might just go ahead and do it. Thanks for the links fellas, save me hours of research.

I'll keep ya updated if i descided to go with it.


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After seven months , finally completed the conversion towards of a 1/32 scale Trumpeter kit to a Su-27K / Su-33 Naval Sea Flanker.


Hope you like it.

Best regards,




Excellent work Meindert !!! The end result looks great !!

It's a big enough job in 1:72 scale - and it looks great in 1:48 scale - but to tackle it in 1:32 scale !!!

I take my hat off to you... <_<

What are you doing next - a Su-34 ?? :cheers:



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Whats the difference between the two, I know about the canards. Actually the question would be, how much of work would it take to modify a "b' model kit to a "k" navy model?

If you want an Su-27K (Su-33), you need to change a lot. Look at this article for a step-by-step list of what to do and how to do it.


- Brad <_<

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