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I knew it was too good to be true :) My GB curse continues I guess. On my FINAL pass of my FINAL flat coat, a good amount of thinned flat coat decided it preferred to bypass the airbrush nozzle and jumped straight onto the port wing :banana: The result:


Apart from this, and missing ordnance, the model is complete. If the GB mods would like pics of the model with affected area obscured, I'll submit them.

Now I feel like cutting off the port wing and mount this one like how Bill Staudt did his Phantom:


But that's a story for another day. Till then...

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Thanks for the encouragement guys.

Luckily I always use gunze thinner for my flat coats. It's dried out now and fortunately most of the damaged paint could probably be leveled out with a 1500 or 2000 grit sandpaper. Then some paint and spare decals ought to finish the job. Good thing Ben (of Fox One) supplied us with 2 sets of stars&bars.

Since Ed is going to keep accepting submissions til Saturday, I'm hoping to get some repairs done tomorrow and try sneak this one in in time for Ed's upload.

Pre-repair pics to come.

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