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"DinaMight" B-26B-55-MA

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That is a very well thought out way to chip the paint! Very interesting. How do you cut these divits in the plastic? X-Acto or something?


X-actly! :cheers:

Use a fresh #11. This process works better on a curved surface. Just cut some "scale" divits into the plastic- kinda' one on top of the other to form the dented/wrinkled area. The more you do, the more you get that dented/hammered-back-into-shape look. Give it a try... <_<

Hope to get some more pics tonight. She's standing on her own gear now.

Thanks for your interest.

Cold skies, Wiggy

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Greetings friends. I want to thank you all for your interest and the kind words. :lol:

So I've got "Dina" sitting on her own gear now. Always a mile marker when they can stand on their own legs. Still have a ways to go...









More to follow. :doh:

Winter skies, Wiggy

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Great looking Marauder, looking forward to seeing it finished.

I have not modelled for about 10 years or more now, but thinking about getting back into it. This kind of work, and much of the stuff on this site is really inspiring.

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Greetings. ;)

So I've made some more progress. I got the doors on, relief tube, nose and canopy and some other whiskers. Still have some guns, blow-by and final chip work to finish.





Home stretch! ;)

Seasonal skies, Wiggy

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Greetings friends. :rolleyes:

So I'm just about finished with this build.

I want to thank you all for coming along for the ride.

See you in Critique Corner in a few days.

Need some sunshine for the outdoor pics.


Blue skies, Wiggy

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