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First Try at Profiles

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After seeing some of the beautiful profiles posted here, I've decided to give it a try. Here's a WIP of the aircraft of Bill Barnes, an aviation Pulp hero of the 1930s who probably formed a large part of the reading of many of the boys that grew up to be aircrew in WWII. He was a daring air adventurer that went into battle against air pirates and other dastardly deviants in a plane of his own design and manufacture, the Silver Lancer.

Side view done in Corel Draw from a not too good small .gif 3 view:


The WIP as it stands:


I'm itching to get this done this weekend and it's been enjoyable work bringing one of my old heroes to life. You can learn more about Bill Barnes here: Bill Barnes

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Really Respectable Profile it is! :cheers:

If I did just copy or refer the real airplane, you did the real creation.

And i will wait your work to be finished step by step.

Good Luck Sir!

Keumho Kim

Thanks Keuhmo,

The praise means a lot coming from someone who creates excellent profiles himself.


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Thanks Clave,

It is pretty wierd looking, isn't it? You should see it with the floats down :wave:. Of course you can be a lot more daring with your designs if you know that they'll never really have to fly :wave:. Some of the other designs that the authors and artists of the series came up with were even stranger looking.

David, it is a pretty neat looking plane in a "World of tomorrow that never came true" way. Sort of like that old computer game "Crimson Skies".


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Thanks dogsbody, Raptor Supporter. Here's where the Silver Lancer stands tonight:


A session on the ouija board with Bill himself got me some new info on the most common color scheme (it changed from story to story depending on which artist was illustrating it), so this is the final look with a few refinements and some gradient fills and airbrush work. Shadows will be next and a little more airbrushing. Almost done.

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Hi Don

How are you doing? :huh:

That's a really great first try. I have been thinking of plunging in myself, but know that it probably won't turn out as nice as yours, probably flat and 2D, unlike yours which looks lifelike and 3D.

Looking forward to your next project :blink:


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Hi Sunny,

Go ahead and give it a try. As long as you've got a program with a decent airbrush tool and some good fill tools, no reason to settle for flat and 2D. The nice thing about working digitally is that you can make mistakes and learn from them without the penalty of ruining all the progress that you've made. Doing a fantasy airplane isn't a bad choice for a first try as nobody can tell you that you should have put a Curtiss Electric prop on it instead of the Hamilton Standard that you chose . ;)

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