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'Paul Revere' 707: Any info available?

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Can anyone point me to any additional photos or info on the AF/MIT 'Paul Revere' 707 testbed aircraft operated by the USAF through Hanscom?

I've seen a couple of photos, including those at Jet Photo:


But still trying to see if any additional info or images might be available. Ultimately, I think it would be a really nice 1/72nd modleing project starting with the Heller kit, but as you can see from the photos, lots of 'lumps and bumps' have to be added, so looking for references.



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Sure. ;)

You can Google "N404PA" which is the FAA registration for the aircraft. Some interesting things will pop up including a fine art print of the aircraft that is for sale (!).

Go to www.airliners.net (aka a.net around here) and again search using the same "N404PA" registration number. Enjoy!

By the way, those are some quite interesting new additions that can be seen in the first shot in the jetphotos search!

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