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Achtung- Huckbein!

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Thanks, ChernayaAkula! I used the technique on my 1/72 scale U-boat and really liked the results. I was inspired to try it on aircraft by Diego Quijano's beautiful Mosquito build in the April 2007 Military in Scale. It's fun- and fast!

Here's a fringe benefit from having a q-tip loaded with "dirty thinner" from wiping off the panel wash excess- using a tapping motion, add some dirt to the traffic areas of the wing. You can build this up with a couple of consecutive applications. More variety on you base coat.


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Okay, she's just about done. It was one of those "D'oh!" moments when I realized I had been totally ignoring the canopy up until now! I got down to it- cut out and separated the Squadron/Falcon vacuform. No worries there, but when I placed the rear dome on the model there was no where to rest it! It basically fell down on the fuselage spine, so I knew some structure needed to be cooked up. Out came some vintage 1970's squadron styrene, some recently-purchased Evergreen strips and a spare DF loop from an Eduard Me109 set- viola!


I glued it to the Future-dipped canopy with a few spots of CYA, followed by a bead of Testors Canopy Cement.


FW 190's had a rather robust rollover bar built into the windscreen framing, so I thought that might look cool here as well.


To hold the front of the sliding portion to the frame I used a couple of PE sway braces from the True Details generic set- perfect!


I repeated the painting and weathering process for the assembly. I masked the frames inside and out- easy and effective on such a simple example.




A few dabs of touch-up paint and she's done- stay tuned, and cheers!

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Thanks, Rigor!

Well, she's done. I took her out to the driveway to snap some pics. Sat her on a a blank comics page- 4-ply bristol board on top of a rotating stool, and went to it. I sensed impending disaster- a puff of wind blew up the board- the model flew back- and I managed to catch it! :thumbsup: Only the rudder was dislodged, so after a quick repair I resumed shutterbugging- this time with the plane on a wooden shelf board. Guess you could call it a plank stand!







I added a torque link to the nose gear from styrene- and there's the simple FOD cover- styrene as well with bent wire handles.


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This angle gives a good view of the "long" stance of the gear. No nose weight necessary!


The canopy floor is clearly evident- even the DF loop!



I broke down and tried brushing on pastels for the first time- check out those tan streaks on the wings. Easy, and the pigment really sits well on the matte finish.






Thanks for following this odyssey- it's been a fun build, and I can highly recommend the kit. Tamiya has released it with their kettenkrad as a set- give it a try!

Now, it's off to super-detail that Promodeller/Accurate Miniatures SBC2-4. I think I'll make it a -4E, and better check to see if the 1.5 degree fin offset is molded in- better get the razor saw out... :wasntme:

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Demn that´s a beauty!! really good detailing, painting and finish!!!!! :thumbsup:

Hehe, must say that it´s strikingly close looking to the Swedish J-29 "Flying Barrel"................wonder why :thumbsup:


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Blast from the past!

chrismoeller- are you my comics pal, Chris? Obsession is my business! ;D

Aigore- Anyone make a good 1/48 Tunnan? B) Many thanks!

Yup, ´tis the Neomega one that´s the only one on the block so far......As said earlier it costs an arm and a leg...and probably all other extremities as well! But it´s darn close to a perfect kit as far as I´ve seen of it, so with some quick stiches and a few shots of bourbon it might be worth the pain in the wallet :thumbsup:

And I´d love to see what you´d do with it!!

Cheers! :D

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