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F-4 Phantom question for the experts...:-)

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Thanks for all the information, I will have to dig up pictures of the tail cap and antenne.

I dug out my Pro-Mod kit and compared it with my late F-4E kit, the tail cap and drag chute door are correct as molded in the kit, parts K3 and K4 are used for the early antenna fit on the tail cap.

There are some extra antenna's in the kit, these can be used for the fuselage spine antenna's, although the humped one is not included in either kit, but is in the RF-4B kit ( I think) for some reason.

Thankfully, the Pro Modeller kit comes with the later gun muzzle.

Yep, parts K1 and K2

I think I need to use the short fence on the F-4E?


The F-4S ALSO comes with Photoetch panels the are to be placed on the wing bottom, I read somewhere that this panel was applied to all F-4's with the slatted wings, is that true?

No, only the F-4S had the straps

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The straps were only fitted to the aircraft that were retrofitted with the LE slats. Those that had them from build, 71-0237 onwards, had strengthened wings and didn't need them. 


Phil Hastie

Canberra - The Nation's Capital


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Some British Spey Phantoms were also fitted with the straps.


Re. the Hasegawa F-4S slats: Hasegawa just reused the slats from their F-4E/F kits and just increased the length of the wing fence. They didn't catch the differences between the Air Force and F-4S slats, so you can swap them to an AF jet.


The "humped" antenna included in the Hasegawa RF-4B kit can be used for ARN-101-equipped F-4Es. IIRC, it covered a LORAN antenna. ARN-101 was fitted to many, but not all, TISEO-equipped F-4Es during the early '80s, so check you photos of your subject. These jets also had some changes to the rear cockpit and had static wicks added to the wing tips, stabs, and tail, but by the late '80s, only the ones on the tail were present.



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