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Of course I would reprint the sold out items especially the stencil series.

Main reason in delaying of reprinting is the stacks of new decals. :explode: .

Now scheduled....

32/48/72 F-4J full stencils. (decals printed, instruction being printed)

32/48/72 F-4J VX-4 Vandy 1 (decals printed, instruction being printed)

32/48 AIM-9M (decals being printed)

32/48 AIM-54C (decals being printed)

32(35)/48/72 AH-64D (in Drawing)

35/48 CH-47 (in Drawing)

32/48/72 F/A-18A/C/D (various series)

1/32/48/72 F-4C/D SAE full stencils

1/32/48/72 F-4G SAE full stencils

24/32/48/72 Bf-109F4 Trops special 1.(If Hase 32 or Trumpeter 24 announce their 109F, this project go to top)


And other special item can be inserted on this schedule.

The second reason is the remained and unsold in our dealer shelves.

Yes, I know 1/32 and 1/48 Fw109 and Me190 are completely sold out.

Please wait. :(

Good Luck!

From Kim

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I have just received mine from Vicotry models, very fast service. I've sent few e-mail about the stutus of my order and similar, cause I was almost sure that these transfers are out of stock, no replay, so I thought it must be out of stock, but when I came home they waited for me. I took 6 days to come to Croatia :banana:

Transfer are fabulous, nice job Kim :D

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