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Well this build only took 2 yrs!

The actual painting,decalling & finishing turned into a multitude of little irritations, so much, that it was put aside till I decided what to do.

The decals were printed in 1989, so now approx. 20 yrs. old & are Hasegawa, so they either fell apart or the adhesive 'yellowing' became very noticable.

Particularly on the tail markings!

Quite a few of the stenciling fell apart, so I decided to only utilise main markings.

One ejection triangle fell off after drying anyway.

I looked for replacement decals, but decided against it, after further mishaps occured.

This build has been dropped at least 4 times during the various processes.

So the pylons & drop tanks have snapped off a few times!

Combined with the above wheelbay damage/paint issues, it lead to the decision to just finish it!

It was then I discovered the cracking clear coat over the Tamiya Semi-Gloss Black nose!

I went to LHS that carries Humbrol Enamel tins & picked up a Satin Clear.

I hoped that mixing the tin w/laquer thinner would reduce the 'yellowing' decals & cover the cracking-since this clear has a yellow/gold tint to it.

It turned out OK.

So I quickly hand painted the missles & proceeded to put it together, priority being to 'finish' it before the Eduard F-4's are released in 2 yrs!lol.

Here is re-attachment of droptanks & gear installation:



Then seats & canopy installed:



I also discovered that both upper/lower Tacan antennas are broken off, most likely during one of the drops.

But this thing is now out of the way, as it's not worth wasting any more time attempting further repairs.

Hopefully the F-4D will turn out better, as I acquired some Aeromaster decals.

However it will most likely be a Vietnam A/C instead of the Air Reserve unit originally planned.

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Holy thread ressurection batman!

I remember this build from way back in the day! Sweet build and I am really happy you kept on with it!

Funny note..right after this build started I was dating a girl from Michigan..and wanted me to build "one just like that". Well she and I are no more, but I am thrilled your Phantom still is!

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