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My second entry to DOTR. Revell-monogram Me-410 in 1/48. I will add some other bits&pieces, Eduard PE set and Aires wheelbay.

Here are the photos:

All you need...


Eduardo PE set..


Aires wheelbay...


I started off with riveting the entire fuselage and wings portions, and I cut off the plastic parts were the Aires wheelbays were later installed with no problems. I also did some setailing in the radiators section, i opened the cooler's flaps at the top potrions of the wings and I filled the gaps with styrene.



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looks great! do u use dymo tape to keep your riveter going straight, or something else?

I didn't find any dymo tape here in SLovenia :tease: .So i had to use some 3m vinyl tape for car pinstriping. It's not really thick, so you have to be extra careful not to stray off the edge of the tape.

And since i have some more projects involved with riveting, could someone tell me where to get a roll of dymo tape or better yet, send me some through mail. (i will send $$$ of course). But on PM, so we don't get too OT. :D Thanks.

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I have the Pro-Modeler 410 that I be building as my last DotR build! Looks like a great kit!!! I have a funny feeling that your's going to turn out to be a beauty! Just look at your 262!! I wish I could do that!!!!

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Some minor work has been done. I did some detailing around coolers, i cut open the cooling flaps, Then i filled the gaps with some styrene and then glued on Eduard Pe parts. I also did some work on engine nacelles, I thinned down the opennings, modified the air intake and finally replaced exhaust shields with PE parts. I am in progress of painting the cockpit, and this may take a while...



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Cockpit installed. It was pretty tricky to install this into the fuselage, as the tub isn't made of one piece, but three separate parts. But eventually i made it sit in there! I also added some wiring...



Next was masking the canopy parts. I masked them from the inside too, as the canopy frames are moulda at both sides and it would be visible if i didn't maske everything. I hope i will manage to glue them nicely together as the canopy is made from 5 parts...


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Ok, i finally put everything together... There was some filler needed, but nothing spectacular. I had to rescribe some panels, and do some more riveting, but everythign was fine until i noticed a huge "step" on the canopy. I tried to fill that with putty, but i've decided that i have to perform surgery to get it sorted. will keep you posted how that went.

Here is the photo od the complete model.


Here is a mix of some parts i've added. I also cut of control surfaces and reposition them... that's all folks.... for now.


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Ok, paint is finally done. I had some problems with some seams showing so i had to correct that before final layers of paint. I did some preshading and some postshading as well. today i might lay down a coat of gloss, then i have to cut templates i will use instead of decals. Comments welcome.




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