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"Deelen Wolves" pencil study

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Hi guys,

Here's the latest from the Art Shack . . .

I really like the interplay between ground shadows and aircraft shapes with strong lighting - the 190 lends itself to this effect quite well.

This is the pencil study for my upcoming 18 x 24 oil, "Deelen Wolves". It's mid-September 1943, and Oblt. Georg Schott, Staffelkapitan of 1./JG 1 and a veteran of the Legion Condor, is leading his wingman Uffz. Rudolf Hubl as they marshal for takeoff at their base at Deelen, Holland. Two ground crewmen wave while one takes a picture . . .

This will be one of the companion pieces to my upcoming 20 x 40 "Most Dangerous Game", which will show these very same 190s diving to attack 8th AF B-17s on withdrawl from an attack on the docks of Emden on 27 September. Oblt. Schott, a 16-20 victory ace (depending on your preferred source), flying his Fw 190 A-6 "White 11" (seen here) was downed by return fire from the Forts on this attack over the German Bight and bailed out. His body, still in his dinghy, washed up on shore on the island of Sylt three weeks later.

"Deelen Wolves" (study)

Pencil on Vellum

17 x 22.5 inches


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