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Coming down to the wire, guys!

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Roughly half a month left until the finish date! Work on getting those entries to Ken Middleton so he can host them on the site we have set up. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's finished entries :woot.gif:



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Well in my case, the VF-201 bird won't be ready in time. But, seeing as how I have to finish a VF-202 F-14A by May 20, I am going to try and see if I can have it ready by the KC contest on April 28. So I am still in the game as it were. The paintjob on the plane is one color, so I have a fighting chance to pull it off in time.

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I'm very disappointed I won't be able to make it either, this was my first GB, just the worst of timing. Having lost my workbench(area) from a basement flood a while ago, I just haven't recovered and the wife gets mad with me working on "her" kitchen table. I'll still finish it soon though, might take another month though. I won't start my new tamiya F-16 until I finish this one and I really want to.


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