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The best kit you ever build

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I whas wondering what is the best kit you guys ever build in your modeling career. pictures are more than welcome!


Mine would be: IMG_2369.jpg

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No picture available as the model is sitting in the display cabinet of my old LHS back home.

It was a 1/48 Revell F-15E. Without doubt, one of the best assembling kits on the planet next to Tamiya's 1/48 P-47D's. That Beagle was my first airbrush experience, first aftermarket decal experience and my first panel line wash. It looked fantastic and I was proud to have been asked to put it on display.

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To date, it would be converting Monogram's A/B-26C into a B-26K Counter Invader in 48th scale using Paragon's conversion set in late 1999. It took 2 years to complete. Alas the plane was destroyed by someone I suspect but would not cop to it. But thank God I managed to take some images when I first purchased a digital.

The kit Box which I still have:


These images were taken around 03'


What is nice about the Paragon set compared to the Cutting Edge set, is Neil did supply a co-pilot station and is much easier to work with also. The CE set is rather labor intensive. The CE's only advantage is the correct main mounts are supplied.



One thing I did discover is the weight needed to keep it sitting correctly. The main gear supports the weight not the nose. I had to strengthen the main gear yet it was still quite wobbly on them. The Paragon set also supplies the correct rudder for the Counter Invader. The set comprises of a mix of resin and PE for the conversion.


Decals were from the Aeromaster set which I still have the remaining decals to build another replacement Counter Invader. Already got the kit and salvaged most of the resin and PE components from the broke model.



Though not much info was available at the time for the B-26K, much more has come to light since and I will incorporate this info for the next build some day.


And with that this is the most satisfying build to date.



Fly Navy

well I finally reached 800 posts......

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No pics online (at least not in my stash). But my best "model" as far as results go was the Star Wars X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter diorama I did back in 2000 using the old MPC snap X-Wing and AMT TIE Fighter set. It sort of duplicated one of the classic publicity photo images of an X-Wing getting chased by a TIE Fighter over the Death Star and I replicated a scene from the film where it is Luke's X-Wing getting chased. The title of the dio was "Blast it Biggs, where are you?!" Here is a link to a rather tiny picture of it.


I took a bronze with it at Wonderfest that year and then I took it to IPMS Nationals in Dallas and took third in science fiction diorama with it (my best award to date for anything). The X-Wing I put the most work into as I had to scratch a new cockpit for it and kitbash a pilot figure. The TIE was OOB with the laser blasts coming from yellow/green Plastruct Acrylic rod (the stuff glows in daylight practically). The stand support rods and display base came out the TIE set and all I did was move one of the support rod placements to space the ships out further apart. That TIE set was one of the best kits that AMT ever did and the display base was pretty cool I thought with duplication of details found on the Death Star.

As for my most recent builds, I would say this is the one I am most proud of:


It is the Airfix kit with a lot of mods to the External Tank and the orbiter to make it more accurate and up to date. The paintwork on the orbiter is not as clean as I would have liked, but Columbia was a grungy looking orbiter anyway. The display base is from a Minicraft shuttle as Airfix doesn't come with a launch pad display base (just an inflight stand). It hasn't done well at National contests, but I have gotten firsts with it at the Region 5 regionals and at some local shows. This is probably the model I to date have poured most of my heart and soul into.

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Mine would have to be either the AMT? Havoc or Monogram Typhoon, both in 1/48 scale and with Aeromaster decals. These were two models that I honestly had no "Oh NO!!" moment(s) during their building. Everything just seemed to click from beginning to end.



EDIT: By the way, my condolences on the loss of your Counter Invader, uscusn. I can't believe someone would deliberately damage a model, especially if knowing of all the hard work that goes into building one.

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1/48 Hasegawa F-16A

Black Box pit, Aries wheelwells and burner, all other parts scratchbuilt ; clearance lights, IFF,Tacn,GPS and communication antennas, Chaff flare dispensers, rescribed wingtip missle rail, needle aoa probe, stainless nose probe, and MV lens landing lights and tail marker lights, wire static electricity dischargers, detailed brakes and break lines with ties.



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