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1/144th Trumpeter F-86F

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Here are some pics of my 1/144th Trumpeter F-86F. It's finished in Bare Metal foil and MM Metalizers. It was a fun little build. I want to do another one, but I think 1/144th is a little big small to be working w/Bare Metal Foil, I'll just paint the next one. The fit was good, but the speed brakes are a little fidgety. I would recommend adding weight to the nose, because I forgot and now it's a tail sitter. Anyways, hope you all like it.






And the last one w/my F-18E from Dragon for size comparison




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Looks even better up close. I enjoyed seeing it at the IPMS contest today.


Thanks a lot Justin! It was really nice getting to go to the show. I was really surprised that my F-18E took first. I didn't see that one coming. I hope they do put on another show later in the year.


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So it's almost been six years since I finished this model, but as you see from the above, it's a tail-sitter. I couldn't bear the sight of this tail-sitter anymore. This evening, I decided to try and fix the issue and add a little weathering. I'm happy to say that I was able to drill out the exhaust in order to add some weight to the model. It now sits on all three wheels correctly. I also used a pencil to highlight the panel lines a little bit.


I'll take some more pictures later on.

Happy Modeling,


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Always good to see improvement on our work no matter how old it is. BTW, John I like your work on 1/144. There are others on this forum that do equally great work at this scale and it's always a pleasure to view them.

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