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Spaced Marine

Monogram Classic Group Build Guidelines.

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Rules, guidelines and information.

Group build period to start on May 1, 2007 and running through to November 1, 2007. This GB will be ARC's tribute to the golden years of Monogram classic kits.

As such the GB guidelines will be simple.

1. OOB with aftermarket decals allowed. Tape seatbelts are allowed, but no photoetched buckles.* Also, no aftermarket weapons will be allowed. If you have them, hang them on the plane after the group build ends. This helps keep with our spirit of the build.

*Amendment: The Monogram Hi-tech kits are the exception to this rule, as are the hi-tech Pro-Modeler reboxes.

2. No extensive scratchbuilding or wholesale removal/rescribing of panel lines is to be allowed.

3. Kit bashing with another Mongram kit(s) is allowed weither to build a simple variant or to create a "what if" is allowed as long as rule 2 is adhered to.

4. Only those kits with Monogram origins are to be allowed. We will allow those kits that Monogram reboxed from Aurora way back in the mists of time.

5. Pro Modeller, Revell-Monogram kits of re-issued Monogram origin releases are allowed, such as the B-17G and Do-335, but not the F-15E

6. No collaberative toolings from Revell-Monogram are allowed as these are NOT considered classic. This includes newer kits such as the F-84E/G, He-111, F/A-18E/F, PBY family, F-86D, F-15E, et cetera, et cetera.

7. Aircraft, science ficton, real space, fantasy, ships, armour and cars are all allowed.

Monogram released a huge range of kits during the 70's and 80's which are simply superb even within modern standards, so there is a huge range to chose from.

These rules are final and are designed to achieve the ethos of the original premise of the GB; That is, to create the fun of building those great classic Monogram kits without the need to accurise, use aftermarket, rescribe or super detail.

But most of all: Build a kit and have fun!

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