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"Most Dangerous Game"

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Looking good so far Wade, particularly like the long landscape paper size. This really suits the proportions of the main aircraft. Do you have any problems finding a canvas in those proportions?

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. . . Do you have any problems finding a canvas in those proportions?

Thanks all.

I prefer to paint on a firm surface ... I have used "Wind River Arts" for my last 5 or 6 panels. They apply Linen to several different types of "hard" (but light in weight) panels. Not cheap, but highly recommended. They are FLAT, and do not warp. They can do any size/aspect ratio you want. May not be practicable for non-US residents (especially in the very large sizes), but if you don't mind paying a bit more, they can help you out. See their 'panel' site page here: http://windriverarts.com/canvas_boards.htm

Let me clarify - for smaller works, anything 18" x 24" or smaller, I buy the "canvas panels" you can get in a three-pack at your local art store. I have used the Winsor & Newton and Fredrix panels. Much cheaper, and just fine for the smaller canvases.


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When I saw the title, "Most Dangerous Game", naturally I pictured a game of strip poker played on the hood of a stalled 1975 Ford Pinto in the middle of a busy freeway...

But I think I like your version better.

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