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where are the mods?

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Greg, here is the initial information that was posted over in the Helicopter Modeling area of ARC:


Welcome to the 2007 Naval Helos & VTOLs of the World Group Build. Listed is all the information you will need for the GB. If you have questions, please ask myself, LittleBird 117 or Medevac71 and we will get a response to you as quickly as possible. All decisions regarding the GB are at the discretion of the moderators.

Start and End Date

The GB kicks off on 1 July 07 and will end on New Year's Day 2008.

Rules and Guidelines

The group build is open to all Naval Helos and VTOLs through-out the world.

All scales are welcome.

Models where 25% or less has been started are eligible. Anything further will not be considered part of the build.

PE is allowed.

Aftermarket decals are allowed.

Conversion kits are allowed, to include resin cockpits, wheels, etc.

Kit bashing is allowed.

Scratch-built is acceptable, no limitations.

All Coast Guard and Marine helos/VTOLs are eligible for entry

Experimental VTOLs are allowed, as longs as the VTOL was tested for naval use, such as the XFY-1 or the X-22.

No what-ifs

Helo/VTOL dioramas are eligible, as long as a story is told. In other words, don't just plop a helo on a cardstock helo pad. Tell a story -- make it interesting.

Group Build Banners

Participants are encouraged to use a GB banner. LittleBird117 is working on a banner, once completed you can use it or create your own as long as it conforms to ARC's Group Build Banner guidelines.

Additonal Info

Once the GB is underway and we have an offical forum, I will have this post copied and pinned. For now, consider this thread the "official" thread. Post your helo interests, and for those you that have completed Naval helo/VTOL models, please post them here, so that it may provide some inspiration and motivation.

We thank you for your interest and participation. Now that the offical prattling is complete, get ready with those helo and VTOL kits and lets have some fun!


Maveryck, Medevac71 & LittleBird117

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These views from Greg are in no way related the views pf the rest of Central Florida.....

Sniffin too much paint fumes while paintin the wall have ya??



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MODS- Me LITTLE BIRD 117, Medevac71, and Maveryk. Mav, started the whole thing. If you have any Q's I'll get together with the other MOD's and we can start a Q&A thread and a sign up thread.


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