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March AFB Part 1

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A few of my photos for m a very very hot visit to March AFB California.

As A "Brit aboroad" I thought it a given for a visit!

For those who havn't had the pleasure of a visit, Immediatly adjacent to the main airbase is a wonderful air museum packed full of unusual airframes from the past and present.

Manned wholly by volenteers, it cost a paultry $7.00 entry.

Ive added the KC 135 pics as they operate from "tanker town" as March is known.

Photo intensive but there are so many exhibits its not possible to include them all!







Quick quiz whats this aircraft? no prizes just the knowledge that you have identified one of the two airframes of this type built!



Part 2 to follow

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All the 135's were taken from being sat in the shade under the wing of the Stratotanker!. Simply beautiful.





Ive tons more but enough is as they say enough :coolio:

Sorry if its alittle Photo intensive but I wanted to share the experience :-)

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Nice pics !

The last time I was there, they didn't have it no where near as organized as it is now ... It was 1988 though so ...

Thanks for sharing !


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Just as a matter of interest, Up the far end of the complex they have a hangar in which, is a recently retired TWEET with an interesting story.

By all acounts, this aircraft was purchased "unofficially" prior to its retirement and had been transported and "hidden" in Canada, Anyhow, the miscreant was tracked down by the department of Justice and the Department of the Interior (I think thats right), and was confiscated.

As a result it has been donated to the March museum where they are restoring it to its fighting condition I.e camo colours and weaponry, ready to take pride of place in the hangar.

Forgive me as I dont know what the tweet was called as an attack aircraft.

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Was with Phartycr0c when he visited March AFB, but my camera is a mere toy compared to his !!

But it can do this..... :doh:


Spot the joins !!!

Original picture is nearly 5MB in size and 7136 x 2848 pixels

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