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Trojan Thunder

Aussie Navy Sea Kings

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Well I got a start on them today. To start I had to move and plug some windows. On the blue kit a new window was cut open. The large window transparency will be filled as it is not needed. A clear piece from the grey kit will be used in the new openning

The second kit has had the extra windows blanked off and a new one opened in the correct position.

On both the interior construct has started. I plan to remove a lot of the rivet detail when I get the fuselage halves together.

Blue kit with new window and large transparency in place.


Windows blanked and new window cut.


Other side.


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Well I finally got back into these builds. Cockpits are done and the first fuselage is buttoned up. I have come across an accuracy issue with the opening where the tail rotor drive shaft disappears into the fuselage, so in my usual fashion I have started to correct it. I have pictures but have not downloaded them from the camera yet. The other issue with this area was the gaping hole in the fuselage.

So I have started to rectify this by cutting the area out, extending the tail rotor drive shaft into the opening and adding a reshaped fairing section.

Here is an example. Found this in the gallery. If you check out the opening (just in front of the Radar dome) it curves at the top and then goes straight down into a plastic lump.


The opening is a tube and should be round as per this shot (this is the Revell kit, again from the ARC gallery).


Pictures of the conversion to come...

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Hi Ray

is there much of a see through problem there?

I agree the "shroud" should be more rounded.

Pics please :doh:

Andrew P

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A little progress to report, have done the mod around the rear of the Engine/gearbox area. Need to tidy it up and button the second kit together.




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