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If you have completed or WIP models of Soviet aircraft, you may post pictures of them here. I know there's some very talented modelers in this GB and I'd like to provide a place for GB members to showcase their earlier works.

I'll start with something that I've been working on for a very long time. This is Amodel's 3MS Bison-B. I've been working on it on-and-off over the last two years. I recently sprayed Alclad on it, only to find several places that needed fixing. You can see those places that I'm fixing in some of these photos.





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Ok, this is my favourite model, an Italeri MiG-29...


Instead of the "very talented modelers" I think this falls in the "very slow modelers" category... took me more than 10 years to finish ;)

No, I didn't work on it for 10 years... I started it when the kit first came out, think it was 1990 or so (or maybe spring of 1991? Anyway there still was the Soviet Union and that was my first Soviet plane). But I wanted to do more to fix the kit many troubles, so it became some sort of "testbed" for many new techniques I developed through the years... I worked on it for some time, tested something, then it came back in the boneyard, then I resumed works testing some other techiques and so on. Then after some years of service as a testbed, I finally decided to rescue it from the boneyard and finish it, maybe it was around 2002 or so...

It was the first kit on which:

- I used photetched parts (airwaves cockpit, but modified as the set didn't address the "too long bathtub" issue)

- I scratchbuilt some parts: the chaff/flare dispensers are mostly scratchbuilt with plasticard, milliput and superglue; the KOLS "ball" is thermoformed and inside there are small bits of plastic to simulate the lenses; the whole circuit breakers box behind the seat is built from scratch with a few photoetched parts and cables, so is the area under the windshield. The nozzles were modified taking some parts from the Airfix kits and the auxiliary intakes were closed with plasticard and rescribed.

- I used resin parts (seat) and cast new resin pylons and missiles (since then I also cast new AA-10s, but still have to paint and add them)

- I did a soft-edge camouflage using raised masks.

- I used Equipage rubber wheels

That's all, more or less, I like its semigloss sheen. Even if the model has a couple of accuracy glitches (when I started it there were things I didn't know about the Fulcrum and then it was too late to fix them), I feel it captures the look of the real thing.

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I've already shown these, but apart from the Fencer, here are all my Russian-made fighter models. They are not all in Soviet/Russian markings, MiG-21 making the exception.


And here's the Fencer. Arguably one of my favourites despite of all the troubles I had with it - or maybe it is exactly because of them!



Patrick and Yuri, those are lovely models! I really hope to see the Bison finished someday.

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Jan, what kit is that MiG-31 from? It looks GREAT!!! I've been working on the ICM kit on-and-off for the last year or so. Fit is just like Amodel with better plastic!

Actually, all your models look great and thanks for posting them!

- Patrick

That's a Zvezda MiG-31. I'm not very satisfied with it anymore - I built it OOB (apart from the seats) and that's not my policy nowadays! AMS...

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You can imagine both of them with red stars.

MiG 21 F13 1/72 Revell

Mil Mi 8T 1/72 Zvezda

I hope I will be in later with a true Red Star air defense fighter.




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Comrades,sorry for late!

As you know,I'm a great fan of Russian birds since childhood.

There're still many J-2(MiG-15),J-5(MiG-17),J-6(MiG-19),J-7(MiG-21),etc. exhibited in some civil parks,which make me feel so familiar with these rough beasts.

And here's my Soviet/Russian designed/built birds:











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K/P Su-22M-4, 1/48 scale...

This one's for Jeremy. I built this straight OOB (like most of my builds) when the kit first came out many years ago. It survived moves from Germany to Texas in 1997 and then Texas to Michigan in 2001. One of the pitot tubes has broken off and I think I still have it around here somewhere. If not maybe I'll be lucky enough to get a set of those Russian PVD tubes from Linden Hill for it.




- Patrick

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I figured this might be nice.. my current collection of 1/72 russian planes.. Mig-Alley and Sukhoi-Lair. the 1st was the mig 29 built back in 1998 with hand painted, and since then i've comed a long way i must say...

hope u guys enjoy..





i'll start with the Mig collection 1st.

Italeri Mig-3, rare and probably discontinued. built2005 .


Mig-9 , i dun really know the brand,the box has Cryllic letters. 2004


Airfix Mig -15 , 2002 build


Kopro Mig-17 ,2003


Kopro Mig-19, 2003


Academy Mig-21 built 2001 i guess. not really sure.


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Academy Mig-23 built in 2001, with fictitious camo based on the Romanian Mig21s


Kitech Mig-25 , essentially repop of the old hasegawa, 2002.


Academy Mig-27 , 2004 built


italeri Mig-29, 1998


Eastern Express Mig-31, 2007



Now for the Sukhois.. not really complete as yet.. but will add on more soon..

VVS Models Su-2 and Su-4.. essentially the same kit but sprayed in different colours, earlier 2007.. :thumbsup:



Another Feb 2007 , the Su-7 from an unknown brand as the box has nobrand. probably ancient Kopro.


Pioneer Model Su-15, finished in May this year.


Hobbycraft Su-17, finished in the 'what if' indonesian Flanker scheme, 2000


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u couldn;t believe there's more?

Dragon's Su-24, built 2005


Italeri's repop of the Zvezda kit, in 2003(should be)


Kangnam's hopeless Su-27, which has been converted to an Su-35 and repainted in september07.


Italeri Su-33, built in 2000 and was a personal favourite of minefor 2 years


Italeri Su-34, built 2004


Italeri Su-47, built 2005, with a custom stand


Yak-23 from ancient Kopro, 2004, this you dun see often


Tamiya Mil-24, built in 1999, and happened to win a consolation at a local contest( i was still in junior category back then)


OK. that's all i have for now..

I would most definitely love to post them up on the ARC daily updates, but i was stuck in whether to put 1 article a day, or lump them all together in a week.. Otherwise u guys might get tired of seeing my name appear for 1 whole month. Comments and Critiscms welcome!

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