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Oryx, FANTASTIC work on that MiG!!! :yahoo:

I LOVE kamo you did on it. :salute:

Thanks for the kind words, Berkut. I also like that scheme a lot - as I said, one day I would like to do one in 1/48th scale also - and I will almost certainly do a Soviet MiG in Afghanistan again, specifically for this type of camo. The lower surface should be blue rather than grey - that will get fixed next time. Just a pity I build so slow - it may be a while before I get around to the bigger MiG-23...

The Zvezda kit was a bit of a challenge in some places - especially mating the nose to the rest of the fuselage, doing the mod to the wing roots to turn it into a MLD and a few other places, but overall I enjoyed the build quite a lot. In fact, I think sometimes I prefer a kit with just a littlebit of an extra challenge, as long as I can balance it with the occasional Hasegawa or Tamiya.

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BTW, how did you spray camo? What kind of masking? Lines look very smooth. :worship:

Hi Berkut

I used the method where you take Prestik (I think in the US it is called Blu-Tack) and define the lines with little rolled worms of the stuff. I used fairly small diameter worms to get the almost-but-not-quite-sharp camouflage edges. You'll see the shapes are quite tricky - that just needed careful planning to get right. I basically started with the lightest colour, then masked it off, sprayed next colour, masked that off, etc. So, I only removed the original masks after all four upper colours had been sprayed. That's the first time you get to see what it is actually going to look like, so it is a very satisfying moment. I also touched it up in a few places free-hand or with small handheld masks (pieces of post-it notes).

I used some pre- and postshading, and I used filters (very thin, very light shades of the original colour) to wash out the colours towards the center of the panels. It came out a little starker than I hoped, but the effect is still not overwhelming and it looks quite nice. Some pictures of MiG-23s in afghanistan show some colours pretty faded, so the visual effect is probably not too far off. I am keen to try this again sometime in the future, as I mentioned. I think with practice I can still improve a lot...

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