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Hasegawa's F-104G

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I wonder if anyone else has noticed a small problem with this kit . . .namely the fit of the flaps, ailerons and rudder? It's fine to have seperate control surfaces, for "posing"etc. but I have found that all three seem to have a smaller thickness than the wing and fuselage. this means that if you align the flaps and ailerons with the upper surface of the wing you have a nasty "step" in the underside !

Does anyone have any ideas how to get round this? This is the third F-104 I've built, and they all had the same problem, so I'm thinking it must be the kit and not me! Also, as a minor point, Hasegawa seem to have gone a bit overboard with their surface detailing, especially with their "raised" panels on the fin . . I remember F-104s being mostly flush riveted with flush inspection panels, etc. I'm not knocking the kit, as basically it's an excellent model, but I just wondered if anyone else had noticed these points?


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The 1:32nd scale kit doesn't have separate flaps, so that problem is non existant;) I too have noticed that there is a step between the wing and the control surfaces, and any attempt to put them in neutral will highlight the problem. I've tried thinning the wings, but that doesn't completely eliminate the problem. And, yes, the surface detail on the kit is waaaaaayyyy over the top, and it's boring to eliminate.


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Well thanks for clearing that up Jens. Having never had the 1/32 kit I wasnt aware of that. As far as the 1/48 kit goes, I thinned the inside of my wings a tad and the seperate surfaces fit perfectly. Maybe I was just lucky :banana:

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