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1/48 scale IAF A-10I

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Holy Crap man! Absolutely fantastic!!!!!! You haaaave to submit this to ARC in an article!

Love the paint, love the details, the loadout, es ist alles ganz toll!

Maybe you could make a switchable alternate to the laser designator; a small AESA radome and stick a few AIM-120Cs under the wings, an escort...F/A-10? (closest emoticon to thoughtful/wishful)

Thanks sv51macross :woot.gif:

Sorry, no more changes or new additions. Just going to finish her up.

That's looking Fantastic, Steven !

Or should I say, Lt. Col. ? :D


Thanks Gregg,

And don't you forget it :)

WOOOW....awesome mate...custom decals too?!?

fantastic job indeed!!!

congrats,that's a beauty!


Thanks Jack :thumbsup:

Until later,

Steven L

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Thanks everybody :rolleyes:

This weekend I managed to get the weathering done on my Chazir. After decaling, I shot another coat of Future to seal and protect the decal from the wash. I like using watercolors for my washes, very easy to use as well as to clean up. I went with burnt umber, not too dark and it works well with the paint job.



On the tail, where I saved all that rivet detail, I used a black colored pencil. I just ran the pencil over the detail and all the raised detail got bumped of the paint job.



After the wash was done, I then shot another coat of future to seal the wash. Next up, pastels to dirty her up. I used a set of 12 gray tone pastels all over the panel lines and any raised detail. Next weekend I should be finishing her up, just got to shoot a flat coat and hang the weapons.




Until later,

Steven L

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That is the most incredible A-10 I have ever seen. :jaw-dropping: Awsome job!!! Can't wait to see what else you have in store.

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