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I was really glad when Accurate Miniatures re-released the Monogram ProModeler SB2C kit as the -4 variant. I had missed it the first time around, having spent many years in the stick-and-tissue world of Free-Flight Scale modeling. I collected reference and some choice aftermarket goodies, and have cleared my bench to start a comprehensive build. Here's my Chamber of Models:




I thought I'd start at the tailwheel, just like everybody else. The tailwheel fairing telescoped as it compressed, and while on the deck, especially when loaded, she compressed all the way. The kit is properly molded for an in-flight posture.


That wedge in the middle need to come out!


Since that hub is plain to the point of being offensive, the etchmasters at Eduard have come to the rescue: Blinging Rims!!


Since I'm starting out by chopping stuff up, I thought it prudent to move to the bomb bay.


A lot of those structures had to go, so I whipped out mt Micro-Chisel from Mission Models and let fly. Note that I've also filled in the verdamt ejector pin marks with plastic discs.


Is smooth like butt of baby!


Being of unsound mind I decided to lower the turtleback. Here's the kit, and reference photo that will haunt my dreams. Thanks, Detail and Scale!


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I'm using one of those European razor-sawblades- excellent!


Result: a very different silhouette.


Here's the cut part:


Some styrene is glued over the scab- modeling first aid! The doors themselves will be replaced with styrene copies- only the top fairing needs to be fixed up.


Well, now comes the fun part- you need to cut away the rear bulkhead on kit part, extend the floor and make a properly sized bulkhead. But... look at the gap! Whatever shall I do?? Stay tuned, bold readers!


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Thanks, guys- this is goona be a fun one. Blackcollar- i fixed a broken link to show that blade. I'll post a pic of the holder next time around. I may fold a single wing- any comments on this? How about exposing the engine? How nuts am i? :rofl:

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Thanks, guys- this is goona be a fun one. Blackcollar- i fixed a broken link to show that blade. I'll post a pic of the holder next time around. I may fold a single wing- any comments on this? How about exposing the engine? How nuts am i? :blink:

The nanner shows it all, you go go go

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Got a little done- things have been busy!

Here's that rear bulkhead, with stiffening grooves and rear laminations cut out:


...glued, shaped and in the process of test-fitting. Photographic proof that I am all thumbs!


Here are the new folding panels, from styrene, stretched sprue and Evergreen strip, plus the tail fillet. Note the rudder offset- that's not making fitting the bulkhead any easier!


Here's a detail short- this is one of the second set of upper panels. The first set was ruined when I tried give them a mild bend using hot water to better match the ones cut from the kit. Careful examination of photos of the rear turtledeck doesn't really show any curvature. I think I'll leave 'em flat.


That's it for now, True Believers!

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Thanks, Eddie!

I managed to sneak a bit of modeling time in- I laid the photo-etch in the bomb bay- starting to look busy! The fit of all the little widgets is excellent- good job, Uncle Eduard!


The trusses sport some excellent detail.


Uh-oh! Lots of CYA "frost"- not to worry- this will disappear under a coat of primer. Lots of plumbing to be added as well!


I'm still fussing with the turtledeck bits- here's the deck temporarily hinged with masking tape. I think it's gonna work. ;)


I did figure out a way to make those pressed stiffening ribs look less like these simple cutouts...


..just brush on a little Mr. Surfacer and let dry for 30 minutes or so. Then wipe away the excess with a q-tip dampened with laquer thinner- presto! Rounded grooves!


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Back from my journeys- and back to that bomb bay! Here's an alert- one thing the good folks at Eduard fail to mention is this little stub spar in the wing root. Chop it out or the PE-enhanced bay won't fit!


Here's what it should look like- easy!


Before we go any further, here's a tip for straightening wire- even a kinked piece like this can be salvaged. Just lay it on a flat, hard surface- glass will do, but I use the base of my Mission Models Etch-Mate.


Simply roll the wire with a flat tool, like the base end of a pair of tweezers.


Hey, Presto! The wire is ready to become a simulated hydraulic line.


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The kit wing roots display some basic engraved detail- these appear to be the continuations of the hydraulic lines in the wheel well. They've got to go- scrape 'em out!


Add some spacers from styrene stock and place your first wire- it's basically straight.


Here the rest have been added.


Using more spacers a second layer of piping has been put in place- not a thicker line form fine solder. I was having fun and this was going a lot faster than I thought it might, so I added a third layer, flush with the hull. Tiny blocks of styrene formed junction boxes which I linked together with neatly-bent lengths of scrap wire form the first two layers. Waste not, want not, move along quickly.


Here's what it looks like with the bomb bay dry-fitted in place.



I did the other side while I was all fired up.


Test-fitting the wings saved me from an awkward time fitting the baomb bay later, but also revealed upcoming obstacles. The fit ain't so hot, and the chord on the starboard ming seems too long for it's rroot. Oh, Woes! Not to fear- I'll let this problem percolate through my chugging cranium. Victory shall be mine!

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Yes, I did- and thanks! I use a pin mounted in a wooden dowel (actually my high school dissecting probe!) to apply tiny amounts for the stuff. It pays to keep everything forever, doesn't it? <_<

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I hate to keep folks waiting, geedubelyer- here's a shot of the root wearing some quick paint. I'm not going too crazy because it'll tough to protect it from overspray.


I've glued the subassembly to the fuselage- no turning back now!


After relentless inspection of the photographic reference at hand, I finally realized what was missing from the bay. It's the actual bomb racks! Eduard referenced the surviving SB2C-5, which has had 'em removed. I swiped some PE racks from Classic Airframes' Brewster Model 239 Buffalo (Finnish version)- they're a nice surplus on the etch fret. I layered them with some strip of styrene to fit the Etched brackets. Kinda kluged together, but they look good and busy.


Here they are temporarily set in place- they're bare metal, so I'll fix them in after the Interior green is sprayed in.



My photos show a centerline rack fitted along with the outers- for a heavy payload. I'll be scratchbuilding this one- but now I've got to go wash the Spyder. See you next week!


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