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Back in the good old US of A!!!

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Well, I finally got my paroll and I and finally home safe and sound with all my models. As usual, very long flight back to Utah. But I was able to get a window seat for most of the trip back and was armed with my little digital camera, so I was able to catch some cool stuff for you all!

These were some of the last pictures I took before leaving Afghanistan.

No Paint Shop, I actually caught this F-15 and sunrise, they have some killer sunrises there!


Was the first time I was able to catch this guy, very surprising to see them already playing in the sand box!



Also had the Hawaii guys here at the same time.


First stop was Turkey, caught these two KC-135s...


Next was on to Germany and caught this guy.


Then on to the USA. Flew over New York City, first time I've gotten to see.


Then to San Fran, all I could get was some bridge???


Then on the Utah, this was over southern Utah, lots of canyons.


Thanks to everybody that was supportive while I was there. Oh yea, one more, been keeping this one hush, hush, but just got to. This one is already at one of the local decal guys. :)




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Duane, Welcome home! :rofl:

Cool pics, that prowler is looking sweet. I've got one in the stash that has been waiting for just such a scheme.

Thank you for your service. :cheers: You have earned a well deserved rest.

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Glad you made it back safe, Duane.

Is this Evergreen bird a firebomber? What was it doing in Germany?


Yes N470EV (aka "tanker 947") is "technically" capable of being a fire bomber. But, there were some issues (CG and borate discharge etc etc...) getting the aircraft certified in time for the fire season. Hence the company chose to convert her back into cargo config. for the remainder of the year. I believe next year she will have a chance at putting out some fires, and if all goes well, plans are afoot to include some more aircraft into the program. This aircraft is one of three nose loaders that we operate, and all used to be ex world airways aircraft prior to being operated by Evergreen.

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