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Air Superiority, 1959 style

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Saw this featured on Fark.


From the description:

World Congress of flight. Here is the aircraft list in order in the video:

F-100 Super Sabre

F-101 Voodoo

F-102 Delta Dagger

F-104 StarFighter

F-105 Thunderchief

F-106 Delta Dart

KC135 & B-52

3 x B-47

3 x B-52

1 x B-58

Then: C-130's



4 x F-100 (more)

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Wow, I think I just drooled over my keyboard. That is cool.

I loved the B-58 and the formation B-52 flyby, not often you see Buffs in formation like that.

Airshows were much cooler back then, live fire demos and formation napalm dropping.

Now we need an arcer to invent the time machine so we can go back and shoot that in digiatal colour!


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Thanks for posting that for us. The tall tailed B-52s look great and the B-58 is so cool. I really would have loved to see a B-58 in a fly-by at an air show. One of the few planes I never got to see. I remember my first airshow from around 1960-1961. We were stationed at Ft. Richardson, AK. and my dad took us over to Elmendorf AFB and I got my first taste of airplanes flying all over the place. Got to see the T-Birds flying F-100s and all the other aircraft of that era. As an eight year old, I was in heaven. Gotta love that era of aircraft. Don M.

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