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F-104G, Greek Air Force

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I'm getting back to modeling after having moved. I've done some work on the 104 in early August, but pictures I took at the time were badly out of focus, so I can't post them; little loss, actually :thumbsup:. I'll post some soon.

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So far I haven't located fuselage, and the only completed part I have in my hands is instrument panel :cheers:. It's kit part with kit decal; doesn't look very convincing (esp. up close), but I'll use it anyway. Sorry for blown highlights in the picture :thumbsup:.


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Found the fuselage :).

Had little trouble with the insert behind the cockpit. I did not check the fit until after I've glued the fuselage, and now I have a step to fill :explode:. Live and learn :banana:.



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Mount Olympus sheme? :woot.gif:
Yes, it is :D.

Decals seem to go on well, although are very tough to move after placing down. I managed to rip off part of one piece, but it looks OK. I later cut the largest piece in half, to prevent similar mishap.

BTW: I wanted to thank you guys for all the comments.


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And I'm done :worship:.

Not without minor last minute drama - it turned out that I did not install main landing gear struts correctly, and the aircraft was leaning to the left. I managed to snap locating pin on one of the struts as I was pulling it out, and I did not enjoy fixing it. But in the end it looks good to my eye.


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