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What'd ya see today???

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An-2 Colt with a big butt ugly paint scheme, a CT-133. A B-17, a couple Griffens and 4 Harvards its night time now and I can here all kinds of load multi engine types coming into the local airport 3 km away.

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Corsair, (cheap first generation camera.......)




Believe it or not, this dot is a Mustang


Griffen hiding behind the houses.


And to end a Mig 15 two seater


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Nice shots, Phantom. I need to hang outside the parking lot for a bit.

So far I haven't been outside, but I've heard 2 A310s, and a Dash 8. Just perfecting my hearing on the different types of a/c.

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You lucky stiff, Shawn! We were supposed to have a Classic Air Rallye at the Canada Aviation Museum this weekend. Unfortunately, I got screwed over by the weather and having to work midnights (I just woke up 1/2 hour ago). I think I'm off when VWoC has their 'Open House' in September.

On the plus side, I did have lunch with 9 Sabre pilots yesterday afternoon out at the Hylands Golf Course. You talk about some interesting stories!

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At the Toronto airport today:


These guys and this big un........


Then down the road I saw.......




ANd then I noticed the Pittsburg Penguins team jet....


All these taken through a fence on my lunch break.

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A sampling from the Vintage Wings of Canada Open House. I snapped over 800 shots. A few of which turned out. I met up with martin_sam_2000 and he said he snapped over 1,000.







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And finally...

Wing Commander (Ret'd) James Francis 'Stocky' Edwards, after his flight in the dual control P-40. W/C Edwards is Canada's highest scoring surviving ace from World War II with 18 confirmed victories. A true gentleman.


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At the Fly-In in Simsbury, CT (mostly private planes and an old car show) on Sunday, we got buzzed a few times by an L-39 Albetros (Czech-built airmed trainer). Quite low, and slow, we got a good look at him, with huge red stars on the wings. We heard a few people think it was "some kinda' MiG!". I kept my mouth shut, don't want to look like a k-i-a. :salute:


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Saw the shuttle yesterday. It was diverted to JRB Carswell due to weather. We were working on the T-line when the tower notified us that the shuttle was inbound, next thing we knew there it was. Talk about front row seats we were about 300 yards out when he touched down.

Sorry about the picture quality, it was taken with a cell phone.


This was taken by my friend Jack who is smart enough to carry a camera with him at all times.


Dave Fassett

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I was driving N. on hwy 69 in Pryor Ok and a flatbed truck passed me with a F105 on the trailer. Was in pieces but the front half was intact. I see F18s going north all the time for overhaul but never a Thud till today. went by to fast to get a photo.

Norm :jaw-dropping:

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Where my son and I live we usually see the Battle of Britain Flight aircraft every week. Eurofighter is stationed at the same base. Today so far it has been two spitfires, dakota, typhoon(eurofighter) and a jaguar.

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I saw a Boeing with a dark black or blue tail fin..there was no other color at all excpet on the edge of the tailat the top... but could not make out the livery so I have no idea what I saw as it was too high up in the blue skies today.


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Caught a contrailing C-17 heading south over Wellington, New Zealand, on Sunday. Pretty rare thing to see in my neck of the woods :crying2:



They come down here to support the US Antarctic forward base (Operation Deep Freeze) at Christchurch International, and head down to the ice themselves in support of Antarctic operations.

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