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When dinosaurs roamed the Earth...

KC-135T 58-0094 - the T-model is the designation of the re-engined KC-135Q, which had a modified fuel system and were used to refuel the SR-71 Blackbird. Visiting CLT from Fairchild AFB.




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Was in my Office driving to my next assignment...... so I parked and attached my office to the Bird.

And the video clicky here > https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=745724775471407

That Was Flight AC616 787-8 service Between YYZ and YHZ on June 19 2014. This is our second of 15 787-8 and we will start getting the first of 22 787-9 starting in 2015.

The Video is the fun part of my Job..... This is a PG Video so kids can watch...... no Colourful Metaphors being said.



Nice shots buddy. Link to your video is unavailabe to me. But I don't have Facebook so that might be the reason. Does the 787 push you along, with the engines at idle, as the 777 does?

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Nice shots buddy. Link to your video is unavailabe to me. But I don't have Facebook so that might be the reason. Does the 787 push you along, with the engines at idle, as the 777 does?

Hey should be able to access it even if you don't do FB.... Will upload to You tube when I have time.

Mike short answer is No.... When we do pushbacks you would feel the aircraft pushing against you once the engines are running (so usually in winter slippery ops we don't start them especially the 777.) " reverse Thrust" is really the air being redirected forward by thrust re-directors located near the backside of the engine. The engine doesn't really push thrust out of the front. Also redirecting thrust while we are standing in front of the aircraft is not a good thing for the crews. Which is why power backs have long since been abandoned. Does this make sense??

Pilots can probably explain it better than I can...... but even on landing the brakes do more of the stopping than the reverse thrust does..... one of our pilots said it is minimal at best.



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I live near an international airport so just get the usual buses! Have seen the occassional Apache fly over my house but usually just get police choppers chasing the local youths on dirt bikes!


I'll swap my international airport for your air force base n I'll throw in the illegal baggage handlers for free!

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fresh from the restoration hangar... the Mosquito

the whole airport stopped for the flyby




I am lucky enough to work next door to the place where it is kept




Damn! Forget the Spitfire or the Tempest (or the Mustang or the Corsair) - if I could only own one warbird this would be it! Gotta see that beauty in the flesh!

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This Hornet buzzing about today, went down the road to the airport but the way its parked you can NOT get a shot of it. To top it off I will miss the airshow this year too.BANGHEAD2.jpg



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Well I've been taking shots at work lately, Panoramic shot of the Aircraft Stand and my crew.... two guys catching some shade under the wing and one shooting the Shiite with the training instructed enjoying the afternoon sun. Waiting for the Bags to show up so we can load them.


Not as lucky as Phantom in the above shot..... but the Snowbirds did fly by just after this shot was made.

Also playing around with my S a m s u n g S 4 phone trying the features out.



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Did some Canada Day spotting this morning

This King air, not the first photo I've taken of her


This bird is the one I wanted to see again in better light. Only to realize this is 787 #2, even better!(sorry for the rough edits)




a fitting shot


And this bird arriving from an off shore oil rig(or training flight not really sure)


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Aeronexus Boeing 767, wearing South African registration ZS-DJI on the ramp at CLT. She flew the Liverpool FC team to the US for the Guinness International Champions Cup tournament. Liverpool plays AC Milan at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte next Saturday. And yes, that's soccer...





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I was at Norfolk Tuesday and I saw:

4 Super Carriers (two under construction)

8 Destroyers

1 Hospital Ship

4 MH-53's

4 C-2's taking off

1 E-2 taking off and a whole lot of them parked

1 F/A-18C

A gaggle of Super Hornets flying around

20 or so HH-60's all parked

2 AH-6 Little Birds flying

1 Frigate

And 1 Aegis Cruiser being refurbished

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The newest addition to the Hickory Aviation Museum is this Grumman F9F-8T Cougar two seat trainer, BuNo 142985. It had been on display at Moton Field in Tuskegee, Alabama, but was acquired by the museum, and it arrived earlier this week. It's in rough shape, but all the pieces are there, and the folks at Hickory will look after her. I was out to the museum today and grabbed some shots.







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