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There's been an upswing of T-38 activity around Vandenberg the last few days. Caught a two ship of them earlier this week (not NASA...most likely ED or BB) over my house, then saw a single black one (almost certainly BB) inbound on Thursday.

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I caught some of the NASCAR Air Force returning to Concord after the race in Richmond, VA this weekend.

Stewart-Haas CRJ-200 - this is an old US Airways Express / Mesa jet.


Another Stewart-Haas CRJ-200 - this one saw service with Independence Air.


Richard Childress Racing Embraer 135


Joe Gibbs Challenger


A pair of Miami Air 737s - I think these charters have replaced the Roush 727s we used to see at CLT.




Joe Gibbs Racing CRJ-700



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Had a 5 or 6 acre brush fire break out in the field across the street from me today, so the Fire/Sheriff UH-1H was dropping water. Actually got sprayed with some of his residual water blown on me by the wind after one of his drops as I stood outside watching the excitement...LOL. We had winds gusting up to 40 mph today, so not only could the fire have turned out to be a lot worse than it was, it had to be a beeyotch to hold that thing in a hover.

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Today Qatar started their new Doha-Adelaide flights with the new Airbus A350-900.

QR914/915 is a daily flight and this is the first revenue airline flight to an Australian city. Previously Airbus had flown prototype aircraft to Sydney and Perth.

However, we didn't exactly put on the best weather as it was raining on and off during the day. Thankfully the A350 arrived when it wasn't raining.

26186637154_1c13f3a8eb_b.jpgQatarA350-941-A7-ALH-3 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr

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A Chinook flew over the house yesterday. Have not seen one of those in over 20 years! Guessing it was a new CH-147F but it was too far away to tell for sure.

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About an hour ago a flight of 4 F-15s in V formation went over my house at about 2,000 feet headed towards Scott AFB. Since the 131st at Lambert lost their F-15s a few years ago, they are a rare site around here. I suspect they were transiting the area and needed to refuel the planes and defuel the pilots.

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The latest addition to the Hickory Aviation Museum, a Grumman EA-6B Prowler from VMAQT-1 at MCAS Cherry Point, was flown in today.





The gentleman with the flight crew is one of our museum members - he's a 92 year old retired Marine. He enlisted during WWII, was selected for flight school as the war ended, and flew Corsairs as a flying sergeant. Commissioned after the Korean War, he flew F7Fs, Skyraiders, recon Banshees, and A-4s. He then transitioned to rotary wing, and served two tours in Viet Nam, flying the H-34 and CH-53.


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