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Hasegawa Me 109G-6 Erich Hartmann

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That's a great kit!, goes together very well! I'm sure that I have some left overs of 32nd Eaglecals "The Blond Knight", if you want them.

Thought I'd just use the Kit decals, which look fine. Cheers anyway.

I'm in the same boat as Erwin, in regards to Group Builds. So much to do, so little time. So I thought I'd just pick one that was straight forward and take my time. The idea with this one is just make it OOB with no surprises (although, I will add seat belts). I will still have to fill those nasty joins in the bonnet though.

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Thanks for the encouragement, guys.

Do you build it almost completely and then you paint?!?that's an interesting poin of view which I've never considered!

The earlier pics a possibly slightly deceiving.

Prior to painting the camo, I usually assemble the entire airframe to make it easier to tidy up seams and joins. This also tends to include a few little things such as aerials, pitots and under-wing hard points.

Things like the undercarriage, clear parts and props are dry fitted so I know they won't disturb the paint when they are finally attached.

RLM02 is next, see you guys at the weekend.

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Ahhhh ok ok I see!

I thought you would have build and glued everything and then painted it like that...crazy thinkin sorry but maybe it was that and I would have asked you everything!!!!

Cheers and keep it up!


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