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1/72 Recce Phantom RF-4

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Fujimi; nice easy build, low parts count, fair cockpit detail (not an issue if canopy closed), finely engraved panel lines, looks right when finished. Ok decals but aftermarket is better.

Hasegawa; don't have their RF-4, but if it is anything like their F-4B and F-4J, expect-

More fussy build due to High parts count, 4 piece fuselage (front/back, both left and right halves) better but still not great cockpit (not an issue if canopy closed), finely engraved panel lines, loads of spare parts for the spares box, also looks right when finished. Zillions of stencel decals and probably more options. If it includes cartograph decals, they are as good as any aftermarket.

Basically, if you get a good deal on the Hasegawa, go for it; get the Fujimi if it is cheaper, (don't get it if you can get the Has for the same money).

Either make nice shelf sitters though!

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Hasegawa. Due to its modular molds it's a slightly fussier build, but detail allover is noticably crisper. Also, the standard issue Hasegawa RF-4B kit gives the option of building a thin- or thickwinged bird, original or rounded nose, original or long afterburners - in short, you can get all RF-4B configurations out of the basic kit.



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