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Soviet Ejection Seat Manufacturer

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Happy New Year All,

I was perusing the Ejection Site (http://users.bestweb.net/~kcoyne/frame_sg.htm, it's a useful resource) for information about the Soviet K-36DM, which is the seat in the Su-22M Fitter, when I noticed that the seat is built by Zvezda, who apparently have quite a track record in egress systems. Anyway, is this the same concern that now produces models as well (and if so, we can probably assume that any Soviet bang-seats will be accurate)?

Can anyone enlighten us, as enquiring minds (well this one anyway) want to know.


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I am not sure, but i think they are same company. Probably diveded into at least two sections, air and space. I have nothing to confirm this, just thinking... :pray:

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it is two different organisation, which have same name - Zvezda, but Zvezda, which maked ejection seat have 50-yeart history (its make first spaceman Yuriy Gagarin spacesuit and all other USSR-made spacesuits), K-36 ejection seat family (different wersion used in different a/c - from russian shuttle Buran to light training a/c).

Zvezda, which maked model have shortly history - about 15 years.

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I might also add that the Soviet Union had a bunch of companies or brands that used the name "Zvezda" - star, which naturally implied to the red star, an important symbol in the socialist world and hence these names.

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There a dozens of Russian compamies that use the name 'Zvezda' - it just means 'Star'...

There's a newspaper :- http://www.redstar.ru/

A Model company :- http://www.zvezda.org.ru/?lng=eng

The ejection-seat & space hardware company :- http://www.zvezda-npp.ru/english/00.htm

A TV Company :- http://tvzvezda.ru/

A magazine :- http://magazines.russ.ru/zvezda/

A company in the Ukraine :- http://zvezda.kiev.ua/

Another newspaper :- http://www.nevod.ru/local/zvezda/page.php/zvezda/2007-12-28/

This one ?....... http://zvezda.ru/

Another in St Petersburg... http://www.zvezda.spb.ru/

A better site for Zveda ejection seats :- http://www.zvezda-npp.ru/

A travel company :- http://zvezda.travel.ru/

The famous rocket & missile manufaturer - Zvezda-Strela :- http://www.korolev.ru/english/e_navigator_d.html

I could go on.......


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Ohh, dou.

I read that you wrote "modules" (parts of something...) and i was thinking of space modules! DOU. :(

No, Zvezda model company and Zvezda seat maker are NOT same company.

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