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C-17 Globemaster III

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I'm waiting to here the whole story... But good work you Crash Recovery guys!


The story...



I am glad that everyone is ok. This bird is from my hometown. I hope they release the full story soon.

Anyone know about the Thunderbird C-17? :thumbsup:


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nice shot, I like the lighting

Thanks Ken:

The Czech International Air Fest is a bit of a two edged sword event for photography.

You get great morning light just like you see in my above photo (and a photo I posted in the B-1 thread) for pictures in the static park if you show up for gate opening.

However, once the flying starts, usually around 11:00, you're pretty much shooting straight into the sun all day when trying to take flying shots. Unfortunately, I don't have an SLR rig that I can play around with lense filters and the like so all I can do for flying shots is point, shoot and cross my fingers, occaisionally I'm somewhat lucky to get a passable flying shot.

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Hi All:

Here are a couple of shots of Canadian Globemasters I've taken. First, a couple taken of 177702 taken at Trenton on the 4th of July (crappy weather, I'm afraid, and I managed to cut the tail off of both shots):



The other shot is of 177704 taken at the Brantford airshow last August (also not the greatest weather, unfortunately):


I love watching this plane at airshows, so I'll keep trying to get it right as far as photographing them is concerned!



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