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Saw the response to the Blackhawk detail CD , if the provider of this needs details of the FIREHAWK Package let me know..

I have about 500 detail photos of a ERICKSON S-64E where i climbed over ,under ,around ,up-down and everywhere else on the machine...everythings covered.

If enough people respond i might make a CD avalible. The photos were taken on a sunny day and are of top quality. The Aircraft is C-FCRN , a Canadian Air-crane on contract to the City OF Los Angeles for the 2006 fire season. Overall and running shot will also be provided.

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Hey Cheyenne56, Put me in for one. Now all we need is the RoG 1/48 kit! :) Dean

Sorry dude.....one response isnt gonna cut it. Its my favorite helicopter ...but it looks like the BLACKHAWK is everyone elses.

But feel free to contact me when you do a model and ill be happy to help with the pics you need.......

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Ah okay...I never knew the Sky Crane's designation. I don't think there is a 48th S-64 kit so I'll skip this CD. I would be interested in a FireHawk CD and maybe some of the Twin Huey aircraft. Plus I'd be interedted in any and all fixed wing air tankers.


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