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Spitfire display

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After all that Spitfire chatter in the TPC section, I just couldn't resist.....


It's the Airfix Spit, of course. Easy and fun to build.

I found a suitable display base at my local booze shop after a brief search. The content went down without remarks, accompanied by some crackers and cheese *BURP*.



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Nice Spitfire. Some years ago I did a similar thing when we went to Normandy for the first time on our hols. (Thinking about it, it was 10 years ago, where does time go? <_< ) Anyway, we stayed in a gite near Ste Mere Eglise, and enjoyed the local wine, including some in local-branded bottles. The wine was bought in a shop in the town square, Italeri's 1:72 C-47 was bought in another shop in said square, and here's the result. Happily, the boxing included markings for one of the units that dropped on Ste Mere Eglise, confirmed by doing some "on-the-spot" research in the Musee des Troupes Aeroportees the other side of the square - lots of info and an ex-Armee de l'Air C-47 painted as the very same aircraft!


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