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Blacklion's Solo GB

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Ok I had most of these models for atleast 10 years now, and its time to get them done, so my new years resolutions is to finsih all of my models that i have currently in my stash by 12/31/08, and replace them at a 2:1 ( yea i know im greedy but oh well lol) ratio for every model i build i buy to more, for next year

Currrent Frag for the Flight line in no particular order( it just keeps getting longer lol) (Red are with me in NJ now, meaning are gonna be built first) (Blue ar to be bought as soon as i clear some off of this list. Green are in VA, Purple are in GA,

1. HS-3C Pave Viking (USCG GB) (80% complete)

2. MV-22C Osprey (USAF) (96% Complete)

3. AT-4C Talon (USAF T-4) (100% Complete)

4. AT-2A Shark (USAF T-2) (100% Complete)

5.AT-38A Jaguar ( USAF Jaguar T. Mk.3) (100% complete)

6. F/A-36A Typhoon (USAF EF-2000) (100% Complete)

7.F-111I Storm (IDF/AF) (98% Done)

8. F-16 Block 30 Aggressor (ARC Viper GB) ( 90% Complete)

9. F-16A ADF ( ND ANG 9/11/01 responder) ( 60% Complete)

10. F-14D ( Custom Tomcat Sunset tribute (30% Complete)

11. AV-10F Bronco ( Pirate GB???) (40% Complete)

12. S-3B (Navy 1?? / IrAF??) ( 90% Complete)

13. F-4J (Showtime 100??/ ) (100% Complete)

14. Mig-29UB (Russian Topgun) (99% Complete)

15. AT-45D Goshawk (USAF Hawk T Mk.1) ( 60% Complete)

16. SH-65A ( Maimi Dolphins) (Sport's Team GB) ( 1-% Complete)

17. F-15C ( ??) (99% Complete)

18. F-15D ( NE Patriots ) ( Sports Team GB) (0% Complete)

19.P-38J ( Special Mother day Gift for my Roseie the riviter Grandma) ( 30% done)

20. A-4M () (30% done)

21. HH-53C (/ Real World) 5% Done ( kit is MRC from the '70's and is a pain in the *** already lol)

22. AV-8B+ ( USMC Bemo team) ( 0% done)

23. A-10A ( What IF MD ANG) (A-10 GB) (90% done)

24. F-22A Aggressor (In modeling Hell since September) ( 98% done)

25. A-6E+ Super Intruder (Same as above) (70% done)

26. 1/72 Bombloads for above and below planes ( 50% done)

27. 1/48 Bombloads for above and below planes ( 30% Done)

28. MH-1D (Spec ops Huey) ( 50% done) ( kit is the Revell Huey Hog, more flash on the parts then is Green paint in the army )

29. Tornado ADV ( GA ANG) ( 5% Done)

30. M/A-37F Super Dragonfly ( 10% done)

31. SH-60F Seahawk ( ?) ( 70% done)

32. HH-60 Pavehawk ( ? ( Currently MIA) ( 30% done)

33. F-14A ( VF-111 tribute) ( 10% done)

34. F-15E (SEA) (80% done)

35. F-16 Blk 40 Tuskegee Airmen ( 89% done)

36. F-16N Navy (Flanker blue) Aggressor (40% done)

37. F-16DJ WW ( what if) (60% done)

38. F-106 (Unkown) (90% done) (just need to decied how to paint it)

39. F-101 (unknown) (70% done)

40 F-111F ( Unknown) (0% Done)

41. A-10A ( Unknown) (10% done)

42. AV-8B (True Lies) (0% done)

43. TA-7C (SEA?/Unkown) (30% done)


Pink = bidding on ebay at this time

1. F/A-18C (Scott Speiche)

2. F/A-18C ( Mark Fox)

3. AV-8B ( USMC Demp team)

4. F/A-18F ( VFA-122/163 from Behind Enemey Lines)

5. F-35A ( Aggressor to match the F-22A )

6. F-117 ( Grey Dragon)

7. TA-7C ( USAF SEA)

8. HH-101 ( to match HS-3C)

9. Diaroma Bases for all of the models

10. F-16D ( NSAWC camo on USAF ANG bird)

11. V-22 ( I got to do another one for OIF )

12.Su-27UB (For the funn of it)

13. Rafale B

14. AH-76C+ (armed S-76 for USBP)

15. AH-1W ( (some kind of Wif )

16.RAH-66 (USCustoms )

17.AT-33F (IrAF Coin, yea i have lost myh mind lol)

18. A-172 ( Armed Civil Air Patrol C-172 lol)

19. HH-65 ( MD State Police)



as you can see thiere mostly what ifs for this year, but i have a few Real worlds for next year to look forward to.

with the excetion of the MV-22C all of my in prgress pics will be here, to keep it simple, and since i stayed up to 3am looking form info onf the "True Lies Harrier) today / yesterday, ill repost the other pictures here when i wake up again.

hope you guys enjoy these

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yea and its getting worse, the meds im on keep me up all night, so im sleep deprived, and thinking of what else i want to do lol


#1. Orange paint on fusalege and wings, 96% complete, just need landing gear and decals

#2, Rotorprops got a light coat of white for me to mask off, to make a spiral on the spinners, landgin gear attached but not painted or glued

#3, landing gear was damaged during transit, as in totaly destroyed, so currently at 89% done and in Modeling Hell with the F-22 and A-6

#4, Light green added to the camo

# 5, Tan added to the camo (4 /5 might be reversed i forget which i painted what, they look almost the same lol)

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Mission Log: Solo GB Day 1 Jan 14 2008,

Aircarft worked on:

HS-3C Rescue Viking : First ( of many ) coat of orange paint applyied, aircraft will mostly likely not mack 2maors dead line, but anything is possible (98% Done

MV-22C: Rotoprops painted ( 95% Done

F-16 Aggressor fusalge painted (pics later) light green/ tan/ and light grey camo came out perfect now 60% completed

AT-2A : painted with Dark green / Tan camo upper surfaces, light grey under surface to be painted later. ( 98% done)

AT-39 Jaguar: Dark Brown added, however has begun to crak up and flake, will get correct 2maro ( 89% Done)

F/A-36 Typhoon: Painted in Dark grey / Light blue upper, Light Grey lower surfaces, need minor clean up however airacrft is now 99% done

F-111I: Clean up need on lower and side surfaces to be done later, Light Tan painted

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Mission Log Day: 2 Jan 15 2008 : (Blacklions B-day (19)

Models worked on

F/A-36A Typhoon---- Completed, minor clean up around trhe nose, and bomb load to be painted but, airacraft is done, pics 2maro

F-111I---- Completed, Under surface currently drying, clean up my be need once tape is removed pics later today)

A-10A---- Custom camo, Layers one - three out of five total added, pics later 90% complete

AT-2A---- 100% completed, lower surface drying, clean up my be needed

HS-3C---- 99% complete, deadline missed, but with this paint job im not winning anything with it anyway so its cool, 4 coat of organe on, left side finished as is upper and lower surface, right side and landing gear added 2maro

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update for yesterday

Models worked one:

F-15C: first coat of light grey on, masked for the next level, im not saying anything yet, but i will say that this Eagle about to have an idenity crisis :D

M/A-37F: All exterior parts added, pit painted, to get first coat of camo when i wake uop later today

S-3B: still undecied what to do with this, but first coat of paint goes on all but the engine pods, again after i wake up again

SH-65A: Interior put togeter...sorta, gonna give it a coat of black, and the exterior will get its orange, then ill leave it alone till the GB..maybe

F-111I: well i have to sand off what i did yesterday, i forgot the gunship grey i sprayed before was enamel, and the ghost grey wasnt...yea.. im an idiot :coolio:

AT-37C: finished, i did the same thing as above but the way the paint cracked up looks so good im gonna leave it the way it is, just got to paint the bottom and it will be done

AT-2A: all finished, just got to do the bomb load and call it a day

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ok the A-10 is almost dry, got some clean up to do, but that was expected, didnt work on the -111I today, havent been feeling well ( might be the rattle can fumes i been dealing with lol) the S-3 got a coat of german grey, i figure that way i can still do many a camo scheme on it, the A-37 got its pit painted, and the gear for both the A-37 and F-15 got painted as well, the -15 got shade of dark grey, but make no mistake this F-15 will be differnt from anything anyone has seen before

pics being downladed now

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well my leg is kilin me today so i dont think ill get much done

i did get a another Hase 1:48 F-16 today the AL ANG red tail, i have half a mind to take the wing from this and put it on my other Aggressor and use the decals for something else, but ill see what happens, i have an idea on what i would use them for, but i dont know yet

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another monthly update

the whole list is screwed up

Currently being worked on"

MV-22C, needs to be re-sprayed

F-16C Aggressor (USAF), missing a wing, but every thing else on track for completion by the end of the month

F-16C Aggressor (USN) found this under my dads bed over spring break, gonna use one wing on the USAF bird and order another one, cockpit assmeled

F-16DJ Wild Weasle, also found over spring break, same status as the USN bird

F-16C Blk 40, Tuskegee Airmen, missing lower fuelage ( dont ask lol), upper fuse has light gray on it, cockpit assembled and painted.

F-15E, primed, cockpit painted, detailed, and burner cans, gear wells and intaked painted, exterior paint starts monday

F-15C, last coat of white and will be finished

F-4J, just getting started

F-106, primed but still undecied on what to do with it

Hawk T mk 1, needs more white for Civil Air Patrol markings

S-3 1:72, painting done, now i need to see who owns it lol

F/A-18E Aggressor (Digital) tail needs to be painted, and bombed up and will be done

F-14A/D bothe have been primed

everything else is on hold still

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oh i so screwed up today,

first i ran out of grey primer on the F-16DJ, only one side got painted,the F-4 got primed, but i dont know how to paint it, i got VF-96 Showtime 100 markings, but i want to use that for an F-14A what if, but the biggest screw up was i painted my F-15E Tiger Stripe, tan and gunship grey, so now i have improvise, so now my F-15E will be my ABU tiger stripe.

everything else was on hold today.

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