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I'm starting quite late, and thanx for the opportunity to come on board!

I'll be building the Gemini 9 in 1/24. I'm just accumulating some references, but I plan to rebuild the ejection seats and the aft end where Gene Cernan was supposed to hang out.

It'll give me a chance to use those lovely 'velcro' decals from Mr Sternbach.


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Here's three pix so far.

Watching Spacecraft Films, Gemini 9, I realized that the corrugations on the hatches in front of the windows were in a different direction. So, time to fill in the existing grooves and sand 'em down. there are also no grooves in a portion of the panels by the hatches. Those'll be filled and sanded too.

And the EVA Astronaut, Gene Cernan, will be rebuilt. I've got a vintage 1960's Gemini from ebay that I'm cannibalizing ( note the different coloured grey astros ). The arms and legs are styrene tube, and they'll be beefed up with Milliput. This'll be my 1st time using the stuff ... I hope it sands well. Or do I need to sculpt it before it sets up?

And the ejection seats will be rebuilt too. So far, just parts, but it's already coming along.




The aft end will feature the AMU tucked inside and a few other scratch built items.


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I can see already this is going to be a great build. a lot of challenges, but that's what makes it fun right. keep up the good work and post your progress.

sorry i can't help you with the milliput question, i've never actually used it either. if i understand right, it is able to be cut and filed after it sets, but it's probably best to get as close to the finished shape as you can to make the cleanup that much easier.

keep em coming.


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Milliput sands and carves pretty well after setting up, so it should work fine. Just make sure to cut as much of the crust off the sticks as possible before mixing so that only the unhardened stuff will mix. You can also try Apoxie Sculpt as well. It seems to have the best qualities of all the Epoxy putties out there that I have used. If you can also get a Gemini update set from Realspace, I think it has better hatches in it (in addition to improved thruster quads) to help make your Gemini more accurate. But then again, sometimes it is just fun to work with the kit plastic and go as far as you can without worrying about using resin bits.

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Thanx for the Epoxy info. I guess I'll be doing some testing with it first.

And I've got the Real Space set, and it has the new coves in front of the hatches, not the hatches themselves. But I shall be incorporating most of the other elements. Besides, "We don't need no stinking hatches". :banana:

And scratch building is 3/4 of the fun anyways!


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I've been working on the ejection seats. I'm only gonna do one up because the Commander's seat won't be viewed, what with the closed hatch and all. Even still, the pilot's seat won't be all that visible either.

I've also cut out the old window coves and replaced 'em with Real Space's ones. You can see some shimming I've done to tighten up the fit a bit. I used an X-acto type of saw blade which does an excellent job.

I'm also correcting the instrument panel a little. There are just a couple of gauges that need removing and I'll put the switch guards, made from copper wire, in three or four places. And I've put in the two handholds, using brass rod.







So, the only things left to do is ... everything!


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AWESOME work! great job on the ejection seat. I can't wait to see how this one turns out. I don't think i'm brave enough to tackle sculpting a figure that size from pretty much scratch like that. you are a bigger man than i! Keep the posts coming.

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Here's an update.

My local hobby store didn't have any Milliput in stock, so I used Tamiya Epoxy putty. Not having used it before, it worked fine for me! So I sculpted a new Astronaut on EVA. With new feet, and new hands. I used the kit torso.

I viewed a lot of photos and watched the Spacecraft Films alot for references. I used the epoxy to form the new visor too. I formed a couple extras on the kit helmets, but, luckily, didn't need 'em ... yet ...

I scratch built the chest pack, ELSS, out of styrene. For the umbilical connection, I'm gonna used brass rod and you can see the connection on the astro ... bent brass rod and a sleeve of aluminum tube into which the formed brass rod will attach. ( I built a prior ELSS, but after viewing some Gemini 10 footage, I realized the ELSS's sides were canted in at an angle, so I rebuilt one, and made a couple other corrections to it, that I was initially gonna ignore. ;-)










The interior is proving to be a bear! The ejection seats don't fit quite right, so I'm doing a lot of trimming. The switch panels on the sides have been scratched with styrene, and the switch guards are thin copper wire. And the Ejection seat rails are built with styrene and aluminum sheet.




The nose has been corrected, a little. Nothing too drastic. I've also bored out the thruster holes and will represent the thrusters with 3/32 brass tubing.


And the adapter section has RealSpace's updates plus a couple of scratched vents.


I am having an absolute blast doing this model. I'm not certain if I'm gonna sand off some of the access door detail on the adapter exteriors ... but I may do a little detailing. I'll see. I've still got to build new hatch interiors and the aft end needs the AMU and a bunch more supports and the gold mylar. Another couple months to go .... !

Thanx for looking guys.

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Here's the aft end of the adapter with the structure installed.

I've also built the AMU which has a brass locating pin coming out the back and fits into the base on the bottom of the adapter.

You should also be able to see the Tether guide near the thruster on the right side of the adapter. This was to prevent Cernan's umbilical from coming into contact with the Adapter's sharp edge.




At this point, I've been blocking in the major components. I've got the hatch interiors still to do, then ... then ... all the tedious, time consuming, detailing stuff. I've made some good time so far, but, this is gonna take some time.

Thanx for looking ... and for the 'woo'.


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I've put in some details on the adapter section ... all the access doors, as per SIM #2, Mike Mackowsi's reference, and the little stringers at the top of it.

And a shot of the Ceiling panel and Ejection seats and their hoses. The Ejection seats are one step away from being done.




... and I've patched the slot for the stand. I haven't decided how I'm gonna display this Gemini ... yet. The patch is styrene and I've filed the grooves to, hopefully, make it seamless.



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Here's a nice little update.

Since I've built the major the subassemblies, I figgered I'd take a break and start to apply some paint. I'll get the interior done and then button it up and proceed to the Re-entry Module exterior assembly.

The Instrument Panel is a combo of paint details and homemade decals.



The Hatches were next. Here's a couple of shots in progress.



The AMU was a fun bit of building. It seems that every pic I found was different ... so this is an amalgamation of 'em. I used household Aluminum Foil for the sides.



The Ejection Seats were just as much fun to build. The Pilot's Seat on the vehicle's RHS is more detailed, even though the majority of it won't be seen. The Cmdr's seat lacks a lot of detail because it simply won't be seen. I will be attaching knee restraint belts on it though. And the seated Astronaut was detailed, only on its front.



The Cernan figure was painted, but I've still got some detailing to do on it. The ELSS was painted and attaching it to 'Cernan' will be one of the final steps, but here's a dry fit of it.




I'm getting down to the short strokes now .. at least I'd like to think I am. Repairing the seams on the Re-entry module, from what I've read, will be time consuming.

Thanx for looking!


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And you wanted to enter something you already built.... :rolleyes:

Truely stunning work Pete. Nice touch with the "reflection" of Earth in Gene's visor. Plus, I also like how the straps in the seat have a sense of weightlessness to add additional feel to this diorama build. Very well done.

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Ah-h-h-h ... good eye Jay! ... and I wondered if anybody would notice the 'weightless' seat belts. Thank you for noticing!! As well as the weightless belts on "Cernan's" gloves and shoulders ... and his zipper around the crotch.

"Cernan's" harness is made from painted Aluminum foil, cut and applied as belts. I really like this medium as it is flexible, holds airbrushed paint really well ( ... but hand brushed paint chips off it ... ) and using foil adhesive, sticks perfectly to virtually any surface.

Thanx for the great comments, guys.


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I remember a discussion a couple of us had during the Eastern Front GB about how when some people put photoetched belts into planes, they don't drape them flat (i.e. the belts defy gravity). Just make sure that if you enter this model at a contest to make a note that your belts are intentionally drapped to represent zero Gee so some gravitationally challenged judge doesn't dock you points for that. :thumbsup:

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No kidding ... I've only entered into a couple, or 3, shows last year and am entering a show today, as a matter of fact. But I'm astounded at how, how can I say this ... unaware ... ignorant ( in the strictest sense of the word ) judges are, relative to historical Spacecraft models. What's that saying? ... It's hard to soar like an eagle when you're surrounded by I. D. 10 T.'s?

Anyway, thanx alot for the head's up Jay! I'll make a note of it, 'cuz I'd like to enter this model in a show or two this year!

And here's a quick update too.

I assembled the three sections for the Re-entry module and I had to fill the seams with styrene. These seams were quite large ... easily 1/16" wide!


And when dry fitting the re-entry module on the Adapter, I realized I had assembled the Real Space replacements incorrectly. ( According to Real Space's instructions, I did 'em correctly, but he's got 'em located too low on the re-entry section ... Use his photograph on the box as reference, or any pic of an actual Gemini.) So, out came the CA glue de-bonder. First time I've used this stuff ... and it worked perfectly! It took off some primer as well, but saved a lot of worry and aggravation in removing those two thruster assy's.

I also decided on a display, and inserted a brass tube into the adapter to act as the main support for the model.



And here's a couple pix of the 95% complete hatches compared to the kit's.



Thanx again for taking a peek at this stuff, gents.


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Here's an update.

I've still got some building to do, but I've put a little more paint on.

I wanted to get this done for a model show this weekend, Guelph WellCome, March 8th, but there's still a lot of little details to take care of, not to mention all those decals of access panel numbers!!


Here's one showing the RCS thrusters represented by brass tubing.



The red strips around the hatches are made from household Aluminum foil painted a tone of red, cut into strips and applied, with foil adhesive.


The nose radar painted, with the red sealant painted with a brush.


And the gold 'mylar' curtain is being installed. I used a thin grocery bag painted with Humbrol 'gold'. I tried a variety of material for this and the grocery bag will, hopefully, look good in scale. But finding a glue for it was a pain too. Finally used plain old white glue. It seems to work ... so far.


Thanx for looking guys ... and Mike, thanx, but 'awe' ? Geez man, don't be in awe ... I'm just learning to build these scale models ... and I don't need the pressure :lol:


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