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YuMTK Su-34 1/72

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Somebody was looking for YuMTK Su-34 1/72 photos long time ago(cant find

topic now)Finally i have digital cam so,here they are:



Some people said that YuMTK Su-34 is more accurate(in big parts)than

Italeri.I have two of these kits(plus 3-4 italeri/revell/zvezda kits)

And i think that it would be good to use big parts from YuMTK +small

parts from Italeri becouse YuMTK is short run,so small parts looks much

better in italeri box.

Quality is like early Amodel(white short run plastic+ vacumformed canopy)

Today YuMTK offering is extremly rare,but if somebedy is interested in i

have one surplus but i am not interested to sell it only want to excange it for

some :

-russian jet/helicopter 1/72 or 1/48

kits or conversion sets

-books,magazines (about soviet/russian aviation)

My adress is: flanker(et)cg.yu

P.S. Thanks to Dragan for posting my photos

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Did you know that tansparent part on italeri canopy is much bigger

than it should be?-Windows- must be smaller.Shape is almost accurate

but size of windows is too big.This error can be fixed with carefull






Here are some photos (AiV draws also says that this is true)

of real thing and one model(photo taken form ru.modelism gallery)

so Ken now you can update your Flankers review,wich are superb even without


P.S. I didnt know this until i made comparation between YuMTK and

Itlaeri kits.Yumtk canopy looked much smaller and that was reason why

i researched this:)

P.P.S. Ken i saw that you have only photo of box and decal.Do you

want photos of YuMTK Su-34 kit parts to update review?

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When i first saw YuMTK model,i was very dissapointed.My first

impression was:WHAT!?--uhhh this is real short run,not even amodel quality(i was execting

something like VES/Strim super detail and accuracy:)

Later i realised that this model look like -early- amodel.

Also i thought that even big parts(i had some worries about lenght of model)

are not accurate..so i thought

that i spent big money for nothing. BUT after close exsamination

(using draws and photos and comparation Italeri Vs YumTK i realised

that big parts on this model are not so bad,also few friends from ru.modelism

gave me advices and pointed areas wich are better than Itleri ones

So kitbashing this two kits can be good option.Of course only if you

find YuMTK(i think that firm doesnt exsist any more?)

Hump on YuMTK also looks better.But(one more BUT:)-smal parts and medium parts(like

doors,exhaust etc. are not accurate enough.

Decals also are much better in italeri box.











http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i315/draga n_mig31/YuMTK10.jpg


aftermarket for Su-34:

neomega cockpit

equipage/elf wheels

P&J Kh-31 (very rare)

interavia pe

LM vertical/horisontal stabilsers(not needed if you have YuMTK)

voyager exhausts

Begemot decals(dont forget this for any flanker!!!)

Also for really accurate Su-34 all aftermarket stuff and even

kitbashing with YuMTK is not enough ;) You need to add extra work:)

corecting some parts ,ading detail and spending a lot time on styding

photos,draws ...

I made few Italeri models (out of box with only small corections(tail

boom,vertical,horisonatl stabilisers..)but now i am planing this

(some day in future:):

1.kitbashing my first YuMTK + Italeri Su-34 to make T-10B-2

or i will kitbash YuMTK + trumpeter Su-27UB(if we will see it ever)

to make T-10B-1

2.Revell(rebox of italeri)Su-34 (with a lot of modifications)to make

accurate T-10B-5

3. Second YuMTK is going for trade for something other(russian of course:)

becouse i am tired of Su-34s:)

P.S. Ken ,you have my permission to use this YuMTK photos for your

review if you want.Sorry for bad quality but this is the best i can-hope some

day i will have better camera:)

Best regards

Svetozar Jokanovic

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P.P.S. Ken i saw that you have only photo of box and decal.Do you

want photos of YuMTK Su-34 kit parts to update review?


First of all - sorry for not replying to your email.....

I will try to update my Flankers survey - using the photos in this post.......

Good luck with the Su-34 kitbash - it looks like you have all the bases covered with your list of parts/aftermarket bits etc.

Keep us updated on progress....


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For people like me (i have slow internet connection - dial up) this way is better -this is faster way for opening topics,and if you are not interested in photos you dont need to wait 15 minutes to save this page :unsure:

Strike flankers must wait (i work now on J-22 orao 1/72 and 1/48)


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